Comparing the Franchise Model Against Going Independent & “Doing Your Own Thing.”

Franchise Model:

Franchise business, is basically a copied idea and that you have to follow the owner’s rules and expectations to run your copy of the idea.

“Doing Your Own Thing.”:

With “Doing Your Own Thing”, you get to do whatever you want. You could take as big of as risks as you like. And you get to have more options than working for a Franchise. With “Doing Your Own Thing”, you get to choose if you want a boring poor paying desk job or a fun lively adventure job that pays well, and you get to choose which days you get to work. No work, no food, no enjoyment, no fun, boredom. So if you want food to eat, work. Make sure you do not work too hard, or you will not enjoy what you do. If you want to work but can not find any projects to work on or whatever, have a job that is not dependent on having projects or depended on other businesses. Do it all by yourself, then hire but make sure your company is independant. And then you might somehow be quite successful. Big risks, big reward.


Cash V.S Accrual Accounting

Cash Accounting

Cash rules/ Cash is King. With the Cash accounting, you get paid faster and usually right on the spot. And usually small businesses use cash accounting. With cash accounting, you get paid for whatever it is that you did or sold right on the spot.

Accrual Accounting

With Accrual accounting, you might do a service before getting paid and then the buyer might not have enough money to pay it off, hence wasting your time and theirs. And they might not ever pay it off. Accrual accounting is mostly used by big businesses, and you could usually do more stuff with it, and it is harder to have it stolen and then used.

5-point sales process.

Discover the Prospects. Ask:

Ask questions like, “What is your biggest problem with_______?” and “What are you looking for in a new_______?”. Discover what the people’s problems, and then find a way how to solve it.

Summarize the Motivation. Agree With Them:

Define the problem. Use their problems, to help you run a business that will solve their wants and needs.

Present your Product:

You make your product, then sell it to the people who you know that your product will solve their problem/ you sell them what they want or and need.

Answer their Questions:

Listen. Answer. Suggest. You first listen to their questions, then you answer them, and then you suggest other alternatives that will suit their needs and wants.

Close the Sale:

Often the buyer will indicate the close. But sometimes they need a gentle (not physically) push like “Do we have an acord/ agreement/ deal?”. And then record it, write it down, and then hand it over to the boss to sort it out/ you take their order (if they order).

3 Area’s of Business

Manufacturing businesses are businesses that build and sell their own, like Apple, Windows, hardware stores, etc…

2.Retail and Wholesale
Retail businesses grow their own products, and then sell them to Wholesale businesses, like farms, food warehouses. Wholesale businesses buy their products and then sell them to other customers, like Wal-Mart, Super Store, Co-op, Cos-co, Supermarkets, clothing stores, etc…

Service businesses serve customers, like restaurants, car dealerships (selling cars), repairing dealerships, yard dealerships, Handyman (easy to fix stuff that is in the house), electro worker (a person who installs the electric work (light bulbs) in and around the house), etc…

Bob Bly-style landing page that promotes Google AdWords for a local business

Bob Bly-style is, telling the reader of his product and then offers you yo order. But if the reader is not satisfied, then he will tell the reader even more about the product. And this goes on until he runs out of things to tell more about his product that he is selling. And that somehow promotes Google Adwords, and local business if and when the reader is interested in what Bob Bly has to sell. Some of his products is telling the reader how to become successful in owning a business. He tells the readers were most business owners mess up/ he simplifies how to become a successful business owner. Bob Bly tells you what companies would be really a good idea to make an ally/ come on of the people on their good list. Because if you do not, then your company will not expand as fast or will crumble into dust/ you will not succeed as good or as fast without Google, and other Companies that will, if you are on their good to work with list, help you succeed.

New Found Knowledge

Advantages do I now have that I did not have when the week began. I am going to put the Advantages I now have in a list form.

  1. I now know how make a good ad.

  2. I now know more about the ups and downs of advertising.

  3. I now know about what makes a good business person and advertiser.

  4. I now know the cost of PPC and paying for every ad that I might put out, even if no one looks at it.

  5. I now know how to Advertise better.

  6. I now know how to make an ad sound better/ having a better title.

  7. I now know how to find the best Keywords.

  8. I now know that tracking your conversations will decrease the cost of the ads and add more profit or increase the percentage of the people who view it.

Procrastination Kills

Procrastination means: A putting off to a future time/ Delay. Procrastination Kills, does not mean Delay killing/ putting killing of into the future. It means that we must prepare and plan the future. That is with Business, dating, marriage, education, or jobs. With Business, dating, and marriage, we must not think about our needs and wants but instead we must think about the person who we are dating, married to, and costumers needs and wants.

We could be dating or be married to the pretties girl(s) or person in the school, and they could be the biggest looser (not the best person to be with/ hang out with). Looks could be deceiving. That person who you are dating might look like and angle but deep inside, she is a demon in disguise. She might look like a nice person, meanwhile she is one of the meanest people there are (a wolf in sheep’s clothing/ woo/ shin). If you get someone who looks nice and is nice, then you got a bonus.

When dating (if you are a man) it is all about your date (not the food date, but the person who you are dating), the whole point in dating is to find out more about the person who you are dating. If it is a group date and NO ONE is married yet ( 2 or more pairs of dates go and do something together) , then it is about finding the person who you want to know more about on a more personal level. If you are dating your your wife, then you are dating her to find or re-find something that you did not know about her.

When dating (if you are a woman), you try to let him learn more about you and you about him. I, myself, am not a female but I have a sister who loves giving some female secrets away and I do not remember even half of the secrets that she shared. Because I just like to figure out them out myself. One thing that you women do extremely, is that you women play with emotions (that is probably because you women are more emotional than us men, and that you women are extremely good at reading body language). Playing ‘hard to get’ is really good, because you not only ensure that he is the right person for you but that also ensures that he is the right person for you. and that challenges him and other men, to become worthy of you, and last but not least, if he would not accept you at your worst then he could not accept you at your best.

Men must, date and marry women, Women must, date and marry men. NOT Men date and marry Men, or Women date and marry women. Because that is just gross and inappropriate, and not good for anyone. It is like pizza without toppings, bread without flavor, a hot dog without its wiener, a burger without its filling, life without meaning. If you like pizza with toppings, bread with flavor, a hot dog with its wiener, a burger with its filling, life with meaning. Then date and marry the opposite gender, like you where created to do (men + women= Life to fullness of joy, men +men and women+ women = An life that is way beyond boring (boring to the extreme) and miserable).

Trails is just part of the adventure, being married to the right person is life’s joys and adventures to the fullest.
Genesis 2:24; Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.