About Me

Hello fellow readers, my name is Jared. I am a home schooled student, I love the color green, I love to build stuff (like Lego), I love going to seminary, and I am a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) aka Mormon, I am found of music. I would rather not re-blog anyone’s work with or without someone’s permission, but I would rather prefer to send or let a person know where to read one or some great essays on some persons blog. If you have any music that is nice like the 50’s-80’s music, or any music that is not nothing but noise/ screaming and yelling with lots of swears like Gangnam Style (I know that Gangnam Style has no swears in it but to me that song is noting but bad noise to the ears/ I do not like Gangnam Style, but Dynamite is fine (yes I know that Dynamite has a swear word in it, but that is only once and it sounds like funk instead of the F-Bomb(like in Up Town Funky-Walk))), please leave the name of the song(s) in the comments, that would be very much appreciated.

Here is one of my favorite South African songs (which is practically the only one): De La Rey.


Please do not Copy any pictures that I put on my work without MY permission!! Thank you.

And I would really appreciate it that, if you readers see a Spelling or a Grammar mistake, please leave in the comments about that spelling or grammar mistake so that I can correct it.

Thanks, and enjoy reading =)