Zeus VS Jesus Christ



Zeus behaved mostly with violence. He wanted to stay the most powerful thing and being. In other words he was greedy to keep power. He only could control the winds, throw thunder bolts, and poorly control people’s fates. Mainly because he is/was selfish, and too busy controlling people to do whatever would benefit him, and because he did not care about anyone- not even his wife(s), and because he did not know everything, and because he did not know how people thought, and whatever was their heart’s desire was. Zeus is like an upgraded version of Thor, without or less armor but with more of an anger-management issue, and had to throw thunder instead of using a hammer to do the job.


Jesus Christ:


Jesus Christ taught many things, many of the things that Jesus taught was in parables. Jesus was always helping others, he was physically here on earth putting his hands on people to heal them. Jesus came to earth not to do his will, but of his and our Father, in Heaven, will. Jesus taught us how to become a good person, or and a great leader. Jesus taught us that with God, Nothing is impossible. He showed us that he could calm a storm, through fireballs that destroyed cities, turn people into salt, make a weak person strong, deaf to hear, lame to walk, etc. He showed us that he had true power, more power than all of the Greek and Roman gods put together (that is if they existed in the 1st place), and more powerful than any and all gods of our imagination, but he did not use that power to harm us but used that power to heal the sick, lame, injured, blind, deaf, etc. Jesus was/is not more powerful than His (and our) “Father in Heaven”, that is because they were of one heart and one mind, they were/and still are like the same person in 2 separated bodies. You could not distinguish the two without the Holy Ghost.


Whose side would you choose? Zeus, as a poor excuse for a god, or Jesus Christ, who showed us that he and our “Father in Heaven” care about us?


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