What was Augustine’s view of Christianity’s role in history?

Augustine’s view of the Christianity’s role in history was/is, to be here on earth and make life worth living for, wisdom to gain, knowledge to use, experience to experience, and many other things. And to respect God, and do his will. One huge problem with that, is that only one true form of Christianity, and there is more than one form of it. So witch one is the correct one? They more or less all claim to be the true form of Christianity. They had many wars on this. Augustine says that all Christianity has more or less the same view on things. They believe that there is a omnipotent and merciful God in Heaven, and that Jesus and the Holy Ghost and God the Father, make up the Godhead. Yes there is 3 titles/names, but one God. some Christians believe that (by the sounds of it) that God has 3 huge role to fill, with 3 slightly different personalities. If that were true, God pretty much has his hands full. SO, how does He find time to care very much about us. Other Christian faiths, believe that Jesus and the Holy Ghost and God the Father, make up the Godhead. And that Jesus Christ is our advocate, mentor, and mediator (I might of skipped a few). He will plead our case to God the Father. The Holy Ghost is our conscience, and messenger. He will tell us some things, what is right or wrong, maybe some very disturbing things that we might not take too well if it came from someone else, and will tell the leader (God) who has been naughty. God the Father, is God. He sees all, knows all. NO one could ever lie to or deceive Him. those who do, end up doing it to him/herself.


WARNING: do not ever try doing this, because some have died during the process. Some have done that in Paul’s day, and it was over money. The couple (married couple, not the number) who did this died IMMEDIATELY after Paul was done speaking to the Husband and then the Wife. (No harm done from the outside or inside. Just a stopped heart, and a soul departing).


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