How important was the doctrine of hell to the martyrs?

Well I guess, that the doctrine of Hell was important to the martyrs. I guess that is is mainly because they loved torturing their victims, breaking laws, and so on. The martyrs, probably lived their made up doctrine of that evil place. And they probably were made up of people who are careless and do not care a thing about being good natured (which mostly today is made up of), and only their selfish needs of themselves and some of their members. They probably did not care about living in a paradise of nice things like huge palaces made out of pure and shiny marble, dreams coming true, etc… but instead they enjoy a lot of death, screams for help, hauntedness, living in a place of horror with an everlasting fire and gnashing of teeth, hatred, etc. How would like to live in a place of misery, or even teach such thoughts of a place. I would not like to even think of such horror and miserable thoughts, I would much prefer to think of living in a really nice and spacious place with much feasting, with the poor, servers, loved ones, and friends (servants, waiters, waitress, etc) wearing simple and really nice clothing and enjoying themselves and laughing over jokes, riddles, good times, etc. you know, the good kind of laughter, while being care free. Apparently, the martyrs loved to think and teach doctrine of such horror and miserable places (not the dream land that I would like to think of or would of loved to live in). Also the martyrs apparently loved to be confused by wanting to be free, but also wanting to be a captive, and they also wanted to stay rebellious to their emperor/ruler at the time.


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