Difference between Genesis 1 and Theogony

What are the main differences between Genesis 1 and Theogony?


Genesis 1 is about the creation of the world. Theogony is also about the creation of the world, but it is also the beginning of the Greek gods and goddess. Genesis has 1 God who made the world, and it has more order. Theogony is longer, and it tells more of the geography of the Greek gods than the creation of the world, apparently Earth is one of the goddess at the very beginning. Women were created as a mate for man in Genesis. But in Theogony, women were created way after men were, and were created as a curse to men. In Genesis, the God is almighty and powerful. In Theogony, none of the gods or goddess are almighty and powerful. The God in Genesis, is the God of everything and could control the elements to do his will, earthquakes that could bring down great cities bigger than New York,  tsunamis big enough to sink mountains (bringing mountains underwater), send fireballs to completely destroy mountains (and leave no remains that the mountain had actually excited), move mountains. In Theogony, there are more than one god or goddess to control each element, for example, there is more than 1 god of the waters (Persian, Aegaeon, Achelous, Akheilos, Alpheus, Amphitrite, Anapos, Brizo, Carcinus, Ceto, Charybdis, etc…)

(see Greek Mythology on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_water_deities ).


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