Compare Paul’s concept of God’s sovereignty in Romans 9:1-23 with Justin’s concept of God’s sovereignty in Chapter XLIII (43): RESPONSIBILITY ASSERTED

Paul taught God’s Sovereignty, while in Justin’s 1st apology it sounded/sounds like he is demanding or more like pointing fingers. Paul taught us that God could/does mold us like clay, so that we would become the person/people that he would like us to be. He (Paul) also taught us that God is the master of all things, He (God) is the God of Abraham, the God of Jacob, the God of Joseph in Egypt, the God of many more (all) things. Justin told/reminded us that Father In Heaven (God)’s Prophets prophecies will/did come true. And that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that Christ will be our judge.


I could not write a full page of comparing Paul’s and Justin’s concept of God’s Sovereignty, more or less because they teach the same principles, and because there is little to write about.


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