Apostles word VS Sadducees word

Why were the Sadducees and the Apostles unable to find a way to reconcile their rival opinions? Sadducees studied the law, and the law of Moses. The Apostles spread what Jesus Christ taught them. The Sadducees, tried to on wit the Apostles and even threatened them. But that of course they failed. Then some people decided to lie to them, that ended up bad for the liars because they fell down dead right at the apostle’s feet without the apostle doing or even planning any harm to the liars. The Apostles were arrested and then told or threatened not to preach, of course that failed because the Angles of the Lord God in Heaven released the Apostles for prison, and then the Apostles went and continued teaching/preaching the gospel. Many persecuted the saints, one in particular persecuted the most was a man called Saul. Saul one day decided to take a stroll to Damascus, and then something happened to him. After that experience, he continued to Damascus blind. Saul was sent to someone to heal him, and that person did so. And after that, Saul preached instead of persecuted.


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