According to Mark’s gospel, what was main issue dividing Jesus from the leaders of Israel?

Jesus taught some things completely different from what the leaders of Israel taught. He did things which they thought were against the law. And more than ½ of those laws were useless (like the correct way to tie your shoe for example), and minor. The leaders of Islam were jealous that Jesus could cast devils out of people, health the deaf, lame, blind, sick, and dead and do many more miraculous things which they could not do. The leaders (some of them anyways) of Islam did not understand what Jesus taught, nor did they want to. They hardened their hearts, and refused to listen, that is why they did not understand.

Jesus did many things which broke their laws, and always had a witty-fact response (that made them rethink their teachings/what-they-taught). People all over marveled at the teachings that Jesus taught, and the things that Jesus did and said. Many followed Jesus, because they got a few days off work and free food. The people were hungering for the wrong reasons, Jesus wanted them to hunger for the things that he taught them, but they were too hardheaded and stiffnecked. The leaders of Islam accused Jesus for many things that were false, which they and many others did. When they tried to find fault in Jesus, they could not agree on the things that they accused him of. Pilate found no fault in Jesus, yet the people wanted him dead and a person, who was guilty of the things that Jesus was accused of, to be set free. Yet Jesus still took our sins upon him, and died for us.


Now you readers tell me, Did he show us great love? Did he set an great example of what we should be like (being ourselves yet trying to become like Jesus)? Did Jesus show us the correct path that we should follow? Did he show us how guilty we actually are when it comes to sin?


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