Discuss the relationship between ethics and sanctions in Proverbs 1-7

Proverbs can teach us pretty important lessons. In Proverbs 1-7 it teaches us that we should obey the law, must not commit adultery, and they warn us of the evils of women (that is what it says in the Bible, but men could be even more evil).

Proverbs teaches that the law could be pretty harsh. If we follow the law of the land, we hopefully could enjoy what life has to give us and that we do not have to spend a couple years or so trying to settle a debt, and life will be so much easier and enjoyable. So if we want to not live our life trying to settle a debt, we must obey the law of the land and try to avoid breaking it as much as possible.

This book of the Bible teaches us some of the consequences in committing adultery, and they could be pretty harsh depending on the person’s spouse who you decided to commit that sin with. Back in those times they lived by a law called the Mosaic Law. Let’s say that if a wife of a husband committed adultery with another man, the husband has the right to have both of them (the wife and the man who she committed adultery with) killed. Same things goes if it were the husband. If a spouse re-marries after their previous spouse had given up the ghost, then it will not count as committing adultery.

And with the warnings of the evils of women, we must try to avoid her flattery lips that practically find joy in dooming one young person’s life (and soul) who still has their whole life ahead of them. These warnings are there so say that when a women is in an mood to commit a sin, she will kiss you and then use the flattery of her lips to lure you into committing a sin with her, and probably put you in your doom for eternity/make you regret for what you had gotten yourself into. In other words, avoid anyone who is evil that will use their flattery lips to lure you into committing a sin with that person (anyone).


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