Week 5 writing Assignment

Yea, I got to choose 1 out of 4 questions to answer:

  1. Why was Aristotle a significant figure?
  2. How would you explain Aristotle’s main points in his Ethics to the average person?

  3. How have libertarians, or “Aristotelian liberals,” argued for liberty on the basis of Aristotle’s ideas?

  4. What was Spartan society like?

My choice is the 4th/ last question “What was Spartan society like?”. Because I know more of the answer to it than the others, and when I was in grade 6, we as a class did Greek Mythology. I was in the Spartan Group (at the end, I was the only member in my group who did not mind taking the poster home to keep).

Sparta was a Greek state. They were friends with another state, but turned that friendship into slavery. Ever since they turned their friends into slaves, they feared that the slaves would kill them if the slaves were not reminded of their position. So they faced their fear by toughening their people up. Women had racing & weight lifting competitions. Women were the ones doing all the housework and monitoring the slaves and the house, they were even the ones who owned the houses. The men were taken away from their families when the were 7 years of age.

For the next 13 years, the men were trained to become warriors, they were fed just enough to be kept alive. At age 20, they entered the army for the next 10 years. During their stay in the army, they could get married if they wanted to. They could only visit their wives when they were on guard duty or if they snuck past the guards to and back without being caught. At age 30 they finally became a citizen of Sparta. They had all the rights of a citizen, except that they HAD to eat poor food in the mess hall, and when they were called to do something by the government, they had to obey.

Some slaves got some training to become a warrior, but then they were killed by the boy’s in training. Some of the slaves were just killed to prove that the boy killing them was a man of steel. Because of the government’s way of living, they did indeed become a hard to defeat army but they were way behind in technology. The Spartans were defeated by a state called Athens. Yes the Spartans had great warriors, but Athens had a great navy. The Spartans weakness (great warriors, but not good sailors), destroyed them.


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