Genesis 1-3

Genesis 1: Is about the days that everything that was created. The 7th day was a day of rest. And God saw that everything that he created was good.

Genesis 2: Is about God giving a task to Adam to name every animal. And then God made a woman to be a companion (wife) for Adam. Eve, the woman that God gave Adam, was tempted by a serpent to eat a forbidden fruit and she gave some of that fruit to Adam, who ate as well. And then their minds were opened to the knowledge of good and evil.
And they ran away, knowing that they were naked, to sew fig leaves to make an apron to cover them. God came and asked Adam where he was, Adam answered. God asked him why he was hiding and Adam told God that he was naked. God then asks, who told him that he was naked, and then asked Adam did he eat of the forbidden fruit. Adam replies that Eve gave him some fruit and he ate. God then asks, why did she eat of the forbidden fruit and she told God that the Serpent tricked her into doing so. And then God cursed the serpent. And then kick Adam and Eve out of the Garden, with a whole new world to experience.

Genesis 3: Is about some of the history line of Adam and Eve had created. Cain and Abel, making sacrifices to the Lord. The Lord respects Abel and his offerings and not Cain’s. Cain gets enious, and kills Abel. The Lord curses Cain and puts a mark on Cain, and said that anyone who killed Cain will get 70-fold.


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