A Summary Of the History of Minoan Crete

Minoan Crete was an island near Greece that was inhabited by some people in the 400 years that historian’s lost track of the Greeks. Minoan Crete was inhabited, by the looks of things, by peaceful people. These people had complicated designed pottery, built their houses connecting in such a way that they supported each other, even in an earthquake. It was like it was a miniature Babylon with Greek stuff instead of Babylonian stuff in different time. These people loved to travel on the water, because they had different countries pottery, furniture, etc… on that little island. By the looks of it, they were not even attacked by other people because they had lots of ships to make it that they had a large amoda (army of ships). Historians thought that the people who lived on Minoan Crete was a peaceful people, until they found a house filled of human skeletons, both young and old. And then they found a skeleton boy strapped to an altar with a knife beside him. And the historians figured out that they had sacrificed their children to their gods. Then historians found some writings with Greek instead of any other language, on stuff like their pottery, walls, tombstones, etc…

Please tell me in the comments below anything that I had written was wrong.


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