Comparing the Franchise Model Against Going Independent & “Doing Your Own Thing.”

Franchise Model:

Franchise business, is basically a copied idea and that you have to follow the owner’s rules and expectations to run your copy of the idea.

“Doing Your Own Thing.”:

With “Doing Your Own Thing”, you get to do whatever you want. You could take as big of as risks as you like. And you get to have more options than working for a Franchise. With “Doing Your Own Thing”, you get to choose if you want a boring poor paying desk job or a fun lively adventure job that pays well, and you get to choose which days you get to work. No work, no food, no enjoyment, no fun, boredom. So if you want food to eat, work. Make sure you do not work too hard, or you will not enjoy what you do. If you want to work but can not find any projects to work on or whatever, have a job that is not dependent on having projects or depended on other businesses. Do it all by yourself, then hire but make sure your company is independant. And then you might somehow be quite successful. Big risks, big reward.


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