18 Benefits of The Ron Paul Curriculum

  1. Self Learning.

  2. 100% guarantee get money back within 6 months after starting.

  3. Work does not have to be graded.

  4. Learn at own pace.

  5. Watch video’s instead of listening to boring teachers who get paid to teach.

  6. You are doing it with other students.

  7. You can answer other students questions and work on their essay’s, and they could do the same for you.

  8. Review of the lessons before and after each lessons.

  9. A review lesson that reviews the previous lessons in the week.

  10. Lessons provides different sources to learn from.

  11. Having reading assignments.

  12. Having some writing assignments.

  13. Having more than one subject.

  14. You can graduate 2 years earlier, than those students than attend public or regular schools.

  15. You can pick the hours of your schooling.

  16. You get to decide to take specific days off.

  17. Cheaper than most regular schools.

  18. Get a specific amount of money to use to get things for school work.


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