5-point sales process.

Discover the Prospects. Ask:

Ask questions like, “What is your biggest problem with_______?” and “What are you looking for in a new_______?”. Discover what the people’s problems, and then find a way how to solve it.

Summarize the Motivation. Agree With Them:

Define the problem. Use their problems, to help you run a business that will solve their wants and needs.

Present your Product:

You make your product, then sell it to the people who you know that your product will solve their problem/ you sell them what they want or and need.

Answer their Questions:

Listen. Answer. Suggest. You first listen to their questions, then you answer them, and then you suggest other alternatives that will suit their needs and wants.

Close the Sale:

Often the buyer will indicate the close. But sometimes they need a gentle (not physically) push like “Do we have an acord/ agreement/ deal?”. And then record it, write it down, and then hand it over to the boss to sort it out/ you take their order (if they order).


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