Lesson: 20 Essay Time

I got to chose to answer one of the questions below:

  1. By now you are familiar with versions of the Pareto Principle, which says that 20% of the effort brings 80% of the results. Imagine you are a biochemist looking for a medical breakthrough. How could you apply the Pareto Principle to your research? Which class or classes of molecules are most likely to yield the greatest reward for the least amount of research? Why do you feel this to be the case?
  2. You are probably taller now than you were 4 years ago. What, specifically, caused you to become taller? Explain what happened on a cellular level.

  3. Someone sneaks up behind you and shouts, “Boo!” For a few seconds your heart beats faster. You did not run or do any physical activity that would increase your heart rate. What caused your heart to beat so fast?

  4. You scrape your knee so deeply that it bleeds. Later a scab forms over the wound. When the scab falls off, you have new skin underneath. Where did the new skin come from? Describe the process in detail.

This is a hard decision to make because all of them are very good questions, but for some reason that question 1 has more questions in it to answer any of the other questions. I am going to begin by saying ”that the body is a wonder all by itself, it heals, keeps your body as functional as possible so that you could enjoy life, and many other things. A lot of those things are too complicated for scientists too even begin to explain the ‘5 W’s and the H’ about the functions of the body”. I will answer the 4th/ last question, probably because I have had many experiences concerning the question.

The first step to the healing process of any bleeding wound is that the skin needs to ‘first stop bleeding’ so that the blood can dry out to form the scab. Once the scab is formed, the molecules in your body receive the message, and they start making their way to the wound that was created. The molecules start working together to heal the wound, and they start by starting on the perimeter of the wound, and then work their way to the center. The entire process involves a lot of complicated cell division, and some other biology chemical stuff that I believe that I would probably never learn. I understand so little of the healing of the open wounds, that I am pretty sure that if anyone understood the entire process that it would of filled a dozen or so of bible thick books in a way that most extremely good readers and scientists would not understand them (human-wise scientists without the level of understanding).


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