Would you spend more pages describing an ant war or loons? Why?

That would be depending on what is more interesting and if it is going to be fiction or non- fiction. If is a ant war that is fiction, then I might write about that. Otherwise I would write about Loons. And there is more to write about Loons than an An War. And reading information about Loons, is more interesting and more helpful, than writing about you, or someone who had watch some ants fighting other ants or insects, or something or whatever. But if you are writing a fiction story about ants that are fighting, like our human wars. Then that is more interesting to read about than reading some useful information that you probably already know or do not even care to know/ not even interested in.

And it sort of depends on how many pages that topic must be written on, or how much I am in the mood to write about that something. If the Ant war is fiction and they have some personalities and the team up with other ants, insects, spiders, humans, or whatever, and it is very similar to a human war except it is insects and spiders, like Ant-Man. Then I would go after writing pages about the ant war in a couple of heart beats (may be more or less), because that seems more interesting than a description about Loons. I wonder if the description of the Loon had to be about the looks, and the ant war would had to be about the ants look like in their shining skins or armor in the war.

I think that an Ant war deserves a story of its own, but if I had to choose between describing an ant war or loons. I would rather describe a Loon than an ant war.

Which one would you prefer to spend more pages describing: an Ant War or Loons?


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