What would it take for Dr. North to persuade me to use Spreader for 10 minutes a day?

That is a good question. But thank goodness, because Dr. North does not have persuaded me to use Spreader. Because I have been taught a better, easier, and cheaper way to speed up my reading, it is called ‘Reading at your own pace’. It is not the speed of reading that we need, it is ‘do you understand what you’re reading’ because anyone can read fast/ do a quick scan, but not everyone can both read fast and understand what we (you) are reading, for example: Abraham Lincoln who (according to Dr. North, and please correct me if I am wrong) can read up to about 3000 words a minute and can understand what he read the first time he read it. What the public schools did before i became home schooled, is that they ask you to read a learners book at your own pace, then they would ask you some questions about what you had read.

Spreader is just to help you read faster, but “do you understand what you are reading?” What my parents did to me and my siblings, is that they let/ made us read more, if we were reading improperly (reading slow and reading words incorrectly) then they made us read aloud to them and sometimes we even took turns with in the reading (one person would read one paragraph and the other would read the next, and we keep alternating). And once we are reading properly or more fluently, they would take a timer and they would set the timer and they would tell us to read a specific amount in the time that they would give us. And if we failed, they would make us read the rest of what they had given us before we did anything else.

I challenge you to use a timer and set a reading chunk (chapters, paragraphs), and try to read that chunk in that time that you know that it would be a challenge to you to accomplish, instead of using Spreader, and by doing this you create a ‘do it yourself’ type of Spreader. If you are having troubles following along in your reading, take a ruler and put it under the sentence that you are reading at the moment, or just use your finger as a pointer.


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