What was Equiano’s attitude regarding his life in the British Navy

By the sounds of it, Equiano was glad that he was a slave that was a sailor than a slave that was working on plantations. The more he learned about sailing, the more he began to enjoy it and yearned for a battle on the sea’s. Most of his owners treated him very well. Even the sailors treated him as one of them. He made friends with the other slaves and sailors. It was a really sad time for Equiano whenever one of his friends die.

When he got kidnapped, he became very sick and then very suicidal. The sickness came from the cramped sleeping quarters of the slaves, and the suicidal part came form being treated pretty poorly, sleeping in such poor sleeping quarters for a long time, and with the constant fear of the sea and of the people who did not speak his native tongue.

Equiano had a good attitude towards being a sailor in the British Navy. He sometimes actually wished that there was a a battle between the ship that he was on and another ship. He had a good attitude with his life on a sea, once he had learned not to fear the sea any more. He did not love sailing nor did he hate it, he just enjoyed sailing. He was such a favored slave, that most of his owners allowed him to do somethings a slave was forbidden to do, like reading and writing. One his owners had let him buy his freedom, but then the next owner did not allow Equiano his freedom. So he jumped over board, the owner wanted him back on board so he ordered his sailors to send a long boat, or turn the ship at bow, or some one who can swim, swim after the escaping slave (Equiano), and the sailors did not budge an inch. And instead they cheering him on. That is how good of friends the sailors were with Equiano.


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