What I must do in my note-taking to describe what is going on around me

I could start a journal that has all the notes of what happened in that day/ notes of the days events. I should have many notes about what happens around me in that day’s events. I could always carry a note-book and a pen or a pencil on me were ever I go, so that if I ever have something that I could take some notes on, then I could just pull out the note-book and writing source (pen or pencil), and then quickly take the notes that I need to take (because I do not have anything close to a photographic memory/ I will forget pretty fast). I must take notes that I know that will remind me of the little details that happened in that event on that day.

Quick Summary: I must take as many notes that will remind me of all the details in the event that happened around me in that day. And start writing a journal of keep track of what happened on what day, and then take all my notes of the day, and put it in my journal. And of course, the notes must remind me of a specific day’s event(s)., and they must also remind me of the tiny details.


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