What Benefits Would I Get From Writing an Autobiography?

I could get many benefits if I was good at writing so that I could write an auto-biography, or any book. If I write an auto-biography I could learn from my mistakes in life that I had not or have not notice. I can learn some things from my own mistakes, but I can learn even more from someone else’s. I can teach myself how to do things, but someone else’s who knows a faster, easier, better way than me, can teach me faster than if I were on my own. For example: I could teach myself how to ride a bicycle, it would be a hard and long process with no teacher to help and with no experience on how to ride a bike, but if someone who knew how to ride a bike can teach me how to ride a bike without me making too many little mistakes. ‘Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; Teach him how to fish, you feed him for life’

There are many benefits from writing a biography. One would be; noticing your mistakes in life. Another would be; bring back some, most or all (good, pleasant, bad, sad, happy, etc.) memories; you will be able to express your thoughts through paper or screen (on electronic devices) without even physically talking; you would get paid for your books that you write; people in the future could visualize what the days looked like when you were alive; and there are many more benefits than I have mentioned, you just need to realize or notice them.

I probably could never become as a great as a writer as Mark Twain. Many writers like Mark Twain all have a way to express their imagination in words on paper. You could ask me to read a book and then write or explain what happened in the book and I probably could do it, but you can ask me to write a book on whatever (like about my life) you want me to write about and I probably couldn’t do it.
If you give me the tools, equipment, the material, and whatever I will or might be needing to build let’s say a birdhouse, I could do it, because I have the love and have the desire to build. My love and desire to build is far greater than with my writing. Give me a novel or a series of novels or books that looks interesting to me, I will read it if I do not have anything else to do. In order to write a very good auto-biography, your desire and your ability/skill of writing is needed to write that interesting auto-biography or book.

I probably could not write a good book because I do not wish to. If I wanted to write a story, I need a good education on how to write a good book and I will also need my heart and desire to be in the right place, for example: if my older sister wants to be an author, she will be needing an education on how to write a book, and in order for that to happen she will be needing a strong desire to write those books.


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