Procrastination Kills

Procrastination means: A putting off to a future time/ Delay. Procrastination Kills, does not mean Delay killing/ putting killing of into the future. It means that we must prepare and plan the future. That is with Business, dating, marriage, education, or jobs. With Business, dating, and marriage, we must not think about our needs and wants but instead we must think about the person who we are dating, married to, and costumers needs and wants.

We could be dating or be married to the pretties girl(s) or person in the school, and they could be the biggest looser (not the best person to be with/ hang out with). Looks could be deceiving. That person who you are dating might look like and angle but deep inside, she is a demon in disguise. She might look like a nice person, meanwhile she is one of the meanest people there are (a wolf in sheep’s clothing/ woo/ shin). If you get someone who looks nice and is nice, then you got a bonus.

When dating (if you are a man) it is all about your date (not the food date, but the person who you are dating), the whole point in dating is to find out more about the person who you are dating. If it is a group date and NO ONE is married yet ( 2 or more pairs of dates go and do something together) , then it is about finding the person who you want to know more about on a more personal level. If you are dating your your wife, then you are dating her to find or re-find something that you did not know about her.

When dating (if you are a woman), you try to let him learn more about you and you about him. I, myself, am not a female but I have a sister who loves giving some female secrets away and I do not remember even half of the secrets that she shared. Because I just like to figure out them out myself. One thing that you women do extremely, is that you women play with emotions (that is probably because you women are more emotional than us men, and that you women are extremely good at reading body language). Playing ‘hard to get’ is really good, because you not only ensure that he is the right person for you but that also ensures that he is the right person for you. and that challenges him and other men, to become worthy of you, and last but not least, if he would not accept you at your worst then he could not accept you at your best.

Men must, date and marry women, Women must, date and marry men. NOT Men date and marry Men, or Women date and marry women. Because that is just gross and inappropriate, and not good for anyone. It is like pizza without toppings, bread without flavor, a hot dog without its wiener, a burger without its filling, life without meaning. If you like pizza with toppings, bread with flavor, a hot dog with its wiener, a burger with its filling, life with meaning. Then date and marry the opposite gender, like you where created to do (men + women= Life to fullness of joy, men +men and women+ women = An life that is way beyond boring (boring to the extreme) and miserable).

Trails is just part of the adventure, being married to the right person is life’s joys and adventures to the fullest.
Genesis 2:24; Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.


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