Identifying Two possible Unique Selling Proposition for the RPC

1. Self Learning.

2. RPC’s Home Schooling.

Self Learning:

Self learning is a USP, because you get self taught at your own pace within the time that you have chosen and if you work hard and keep up with the work, you could get a 2 year earlier graduation. And you learn a lot more a lot faster, and a lot easier because you are teaching your self and that you do not have that pressure that public students have. If you want to go to a private school, but they are not nice to you or that you could not find the correct one for you, then start home schooling yourself.

With the Self learning thing, you get to stretch your scheduled to what fits you. If you want to move and it is in the school year already and you do not want to deal with moving into another school, then Home school yourself because home schooling will same a lot of time and effort.

RPC’s Home Schooling:

The RPC’s Home Schooling is USP, because it is cheep, affordable, and it sells what no other private or public school sells, and that is that you do not have to get educated by the Government. The reason why it is a USP, is because not only is it cheep but you get self taught and you could work at your own pace without any pressure. You could take a specific subject and do it in any time frame you like, as long as you do not seem like that you are on a extremely long holiday or vacation/ that you are doing your school work. Lets say that you are moving somewhere, the RPC’s Home Schooling will help moving a lot easier because you do not need to worry about finding a school to attend after your move.

Another USP of the RPC’s Home Schooling, is that it does grades from 4-12 (I think). Usually schools go from 1-5 (elementary), 6-9 (mid-school), and then 10-12 (high school), and there is collage and Universities. If you want a really good education that is cheep, and that you could get 100% of your money back withing 6 months of using the program, then it is the Ron Paul Curriculum (RPC)for you.


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