How important is it for a person to summarize his philosophy of life in an early chapter of an autobiography

It is important that someone understood/ understands what Thoreau is trying to say, because he is practically saying that he does not agree with something and then he goes and says that he agrees with something that is very similar. For example: he dislikes news, but loves gossip, but only in small quantities. You might think that gossip is or almost is news, well then you are wrong. News is information, fresh or not, for example: weather forecast, what had happened in a specific place somewhere around the word. Rumors is a current story passing from one person to another without any known authority for the truth of it. And Gossip is idle tatter/ tattling news/ tattle-tailing rumors about some one.

There you have it. Summary of how Thoreau thinks, is practically is that he dislikes news which is good and prefers gossip, in little quantities, which is bad.

I, myself, prefer news and rumor far more than gossip. One time in Teacher quorum, which is the last class I attend on Sunday’s, we were doing something about making a list about something and I had said a couple things and the last word I had said was “Love” in one of my deepest voices. And that had set the class to an uproarious laughter, and then I had asked them “what is so funny?” they replied “it is the way you had said Love”. A few days later in Seminary, I had said something about a ‘shot gun slug’ and that had set up my entire class to an uproarious laughter, and I had asked them “What is so funny” and one of my class mates asked me to repeat what I had said, and so I did. Then I had figured out that it was the way that I had said ‘Slug’ that had made them laugh. From a few days to a week or two later, about four of those Seminary class mates said that I was now famous at their school, which I did not go to at all. So technically they had made me famous without me being present, and my spreading some good rumors about me.

You are probably thinking “what on earth does that have to do with the title of the easy or what I am talking about? Or and you where probably not staying on topic”, well I was listening and was on topic and those stories had to do with my essay, and that is that they had spread a rumor, not gossip or news but a rumor which I was informed after they had spread-ed a few days after it was already spread-ed.

Remember that News is just news, and that Rumors is far better than Gossip. So instead of spreading Gossip about someone, be nice and spread a good rumor about them, like what my seminary class mates did.


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