Bob Bly-style landing page that promotes Google AdWords for a local business

Bob Bly-style is, telling the reader of his product and then offers you yo order. But if the reader is not satisfied, then he will tell the reader even more about the product. And this goes on until he runs out of things to tell more about his product that he is selling. And that somehow promotes Google Adwords, and local business if and when the reader is interested in what Bob Bly has to sell. Some of his products is telling the reader how to become successful in owning a business. He tells the readers were most business owners mess up/ he simplifies how to become a successful business owner. Bob Bly tells you what companies would be really a good idea to make an ally/ come on of the people on their good list. Because if you do not, then your company will not expand as fast or will crumble into dust/ you will not succeed as good or as fast without Google, and other Companies that will, if you are on their good to work with list, help you succeed.


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