A Event In My Life on learning how to read that Impacted me the same as it did Fredric Douglass

I, for one, do not think on committing suicide over being banned from doing a simple thing like reading. That is probably because my parents do not really have anything to ground me and my siblings from, that is mostly because we obey our parents (most of the time). Mr. Douglass had it harder than I would ever have it, because he was a Slave and it was illegal for slaves to get educated on how to read. But there was a point in my life that I did not wish or and want to learn how to read, but I saw that it was useless to fight back. So I read more often and learned to enjoy it. Now I am like what my older siblings were, hard to get to stop reading a good book/ my parents had to like ground us and take our source of books to read in our free time away, which did/ could not stop us from reading a book of our choice. A little tip, obey your parents, boss, guardians, who ever is in charge of you. If you lets say become a slave then become the best slave, if you become a prisoner then become the best prisoner, and make sure that whatever you are trying to become is the greater good.

I do not think that all the trials in my life would ever match the trials of a slave. A probably a good way to think of a trial is an adventure, and DO NOT LIVE IN THE PASS but have it in mind/ let bygones be bygones, or and pretend it was a bad movie, book, or story that is reality . And what might help is be very forgiving and do good that persecute you. And that might be almost impossible for a slave to even think about doing that.

Mr. Douglass was proud when he first learned how to read, but since it was illegal for slaves to learn and because his owners change of mind, he felt miserable since he knew how to read, and that he would get punished more often. So to prevent him from getting a lot of whippings, he kidnapped himself/ ran away. He got educated farther by white boys who knew how to read and write better, and loved to brag. They gave him food when he proved that he could do what they could do. (please correct me if I got the anything wrong).


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