Lesson: 20 Essay Time

I got to chose to answer one of the questions below:

  1. By now you are familiar with versions of the Pareto Principle, which says that 20% of the effort brings 80% of the results. Imagine you are a biochemist looking for a medical breakthrough. How could you apply the Pareto Principle to your research? Which class or classes of molecules are most likely to yield the greatest reward for the least amount of research? Why do you feel this to be the case?
  2. You are probably taller now than you were 4 years ago. What, specifically, caused you to become taller? Explain what happened on a cellular level.

  3. Someone sneaks up behind you and shouts, “Boo!” For a few seconds your heart beats faster. You did not run or do any physical activity that would increase your heart rate. What caused your heart to beat so fast?

  4. You scrape your knee so deeply that it bleeds. Later a scab forms over the wound. When the scab falls off, you have new skin underneath. Where did the new skin come from? Describe the process in detail.

This is a hard decision to make because all of them are very good questions, but for some reason that question 1 has more questions in it to answer any of the other questions. I am going to begin by saying ”that the body is a wonder all by itself, it heals, keeps your body as functional as possible so that you could enjoy life, and many other things. A lot of those things are too complicated for scientists too even begin to explain the ‘5 W’s and the H’ about the functions of the body”. I will answer the 4th/ last question, probably because I have had many experiences concerning the question.

The first step to the healing process of any bleeding wound is that the skin needs to ‘first stop bleeding’ so that the blood can dry out to form the scab. Once the scab is formed, the molecules in your body receive the message, and they start making their way to the wound that was created. The molecules start working together to heal the wound, and they start by starting on the perimeter of the wound, and then work their way to the center. The entire process involves a lot of complicated cell division, and some other biology chemical stuff that I believe that I would probably never learn. I understand so little of the healing of the open wounds, that I am pretty sure that if anyone understood the entire process that it would of filled a dozen or so of bible thick books in a way that most extremely good readers and scientists would not understand them (human-wise scientists without the level of understanding).


Water Properties

What do we mean by “emergent properties”?:


Water is made out of 2 types of atoms. Water is made up of 3 atoms in total, 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen, hence the name H2O. Hydrogen is a natural occurring gas that is important to the storage and transfer of energy to organisms. Oxygen has the same qualities as Hydrogen, but for a different purpose. Water is both Cohesion and Adhesion. For those who do not know what Cohesion and Adhesion mean: Cohesion means that it sticks to itself, and Adhesion means that it sticks to other surfaces.


What gives water its emergent properties?:


Water is both Cohesion and Adhesion. For those who do not know what Cohesion and Adhesion mean: Cohesion means that it sticks to itself, and Adhesion means that it sticks to other surfaces.

Water also absorbs heat, and this helps us measure heat. Water can be a liquid, solid or gas. Water in its liquid form is ‘water’, in its solid form it is ‘ice’, and in its gas form it is ‘steam’. Water is an universal solvent, meaning that it could be used as a base or an acid. Water could dissolve salt and sugar, but you could still taste the salt or sugar but not as strongly. And this is because of its Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules/ atoms. water can dissolve itself when it is H3O.


How does water properties affect life & the environment on a molecule scale?:


Water has a bond called a ‘Hydrogen bond’. A Hydrogen Bond is a weak and short lasting bond that is very important in many biological processes. This Hydrogen bond enables water to separate/ move around an object. If an object, like your hand, is put into water, the water moves around that object, that is because of its hydrogen bond. Allowing fish to swim and boats to float.
When water gets cold, the molecules move away from each other and vibrate in one place giving the explanation of why water expands when it freezes, creating a solid form of water called ‘ice’. Because water expands while it freezes, the molecules makes the forming ice lighter (denser) than water, explaining the reason why ice floats and why we do not live in an ice age. And this is important to the sustaining of life on earth.

Bob Bly-style landing page that promotes Google AdWords for a local business

Bob Bly-style is, telling the reader of his product and then offers you yo order. But if the reader is not satisfied, then he will tell the reader even more about the product. And this goes on until he runs out of things to tell more about his product that he is selling. And that somehow promotes Google Adwords, and local business if and when the reader is interested in what Bob Bly has to sell. Some of his products is telling the reader how to become successful in owning a business. He tells the readers were most business owners mess up/ he simplifies how to become a successful business owner. Bob Bly tells you what companies would be really a good idea to make an ally/ come on of the people on their good list. Because if you do not, then your company will not expand as fast or will crumble into dust/ you will not succeed as good or as fast without Google, and other Companies that will, if you are on their good to work with list, help you succeed.

New Found Knowledge

Advantages do I now have that I did not have when the week began. I am going to put the Advantages I now have in a list form.

  1. I now know how make a good ad.

  2. I now know more about the ups and downs of advertising.

  3. I now know about what makes a good business person and advertiser.

  4. I now know the cost of PPC and paying for every ad that I might put out, even if no one looks at it.

  5. I now know how to Advertise better.

  6. I now know how to make an ad sound better/ having a better title.

  7. I now know how to find the best Keywords.

  8. I now know that tracking your conversations will decrease the cost of the ads and add more profit or increase the percentage of the people who view it.

Procrastination Kills

Procrastination means: A putting off to a future time/ Delay. Procrastination Kills, does not mean Delay killing/ putting killing of into the future. It means that we must prepare and plan the future. That is with Business, dating, marriage, education, or jobs. With Business, dating, and marriage, we must not think about our needs and wants but instead we must think about the person who we are dating, married to, and costumers needs and wants.

We could be dating or be married to the pretties girl(s) or person in the school, and they could be the biggest looser (not the best person to be with/ hang out with). Looks could be deceiving. That person who you are dating might look like and angle but deep inside, she is a demon in disguise. She might look like a nice person, meanwhile she is one of the meanest people there are (a wolf in sheep’s clothing/ woo/ shin). If you get someone who looks nice and is nice, then you got a bonus.

When dating (if you are a man) it is all about your date (not the food date, but the person who you are dating), the whole point in dating is to find out more about the person who you are dating. If it is a group date and NO ONE is married yet ( 2 or more pairs of dates go and do something together) , then it is about finding the person who you want to know more about on a more personal level. If you are dating your your wife, then you are dating her to find or re-find something that you did not know about her.

When dating (if you are a woman), you try to let him learn more about you and you about him. I, myself, am not a female but I have a sister who loves giving some female secrets away and I do not remember even half of the secrets that she shared. Because I just like to figure out them out myself. One thing that you women do extremely, is that you women play with emotions (that is probably because you women are more emotional than us men, and that you women are extremely good at reading body language). Playing ‘hard to get’ is really good, because you not only ensure that he is the right person for you but that also ensures that he is the right person for you. and that challenges him and other men, to become worthy of you, and last but not least, if he would not accept you at your worst then he could not accept you at your best.

Men must, date and marry women, Women must, date and marry men. NOT Men date and marry Men, or Women date and marry women. Because that is just gross and inappropriate, and not good for anyone. It is like pizza without toppings, bread without flavor, a hot dog without its wiener, a burger without its filling, life without meaning. If you like pizza with toppings, bread with flavor, a hot dog with its wiener, a burger with its filling, life with meaning. Then date and marry the opposite gender, like you where created to do (men + women= Life to fullness of joy, men +men and women+ women = An life that is way beyond boring (boring to the extreme) and miserable).

Trails is just part of the adventure, being married to the right person is life’s joys and adventures to the fullest.
Genesis 2:24; Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

What was Equiano’s attitude regarding his life in the British Navy

By the sounds of it, Equiano was glad that he was a slave that was a sailor than a slave that was working on plantations. The more he learned about sailing, the more he began to enjoy it and yearned for a battle on the sea’s. Most of his owners treated him very well. Even the sailors treated him as one of them. He made friends with the other slaves and sailors. It was a really sad time for Equiano whenever one of his friends die.

When he got kidnapped, he became very sick and then very suicidal. The sickness came from the cramped sleeping quarters of the slaves, and the suicidal part came form being treated pretty poorly, sleeping in such poor sleeping quarters for a long time, and with the constant fear of the sea and of the people who did not speak his native tongue.

Equiano had a good attitude towards being a sailor in the British Navy. He sometimes actually wished that there was a a battle between the ship that he was on and another ship. He had a good attitude with his life on a sea, once he had learned not to fear the sea any more. He did not love sailing nor did he hate it, he just enjoyed sailing. He was such a favored slave, that most of his owners allowed him to do somethings a slave was forbidden to do, like reading and writing. One his owners had let him buy his freedom, but then the next owner did not allow Equiano his freedom. So he jumped over board, the owner wanted him back on board so he ordered his sailors to send a long boat, or turn the ship at bow, or some one who can swim, swim after the escaping slave (Equiano), and the sailors did not budge an inch. And instead they cheering him on. That is how good of friends the sailors were with Equiano.

What I must do in my note-taking to describe what is going on around me

I could start a journal that has all the notes of what happened in that day/ notes of the days events. I should have many notes about what happens around me in that day’s events. I could always carry a note-book and a pen or a pencil on me were ever I go, so that if I ever have something that I could take some notes on, then I could just pull out the note-book and writing source (pen or pencil), and then quickly take the notes that I need to take (because I do not have anything close to a photographic memory/ I will forget pretty fast). I must take notes that I know that will remind me of the little details that happened in that event on that day.

Quick Summary: I must take as many notes that will remind me of all the details in the event that happened around me in that day. And start writing a journal of keep track of what happened on what day, and then take all my notes of the day, and put it in my journal. And of course, the notes must remind me of a specific day’s event(s)., and they must also remind me of the tiny details.