History Of the Hebrews From Abraham to Moses

Abraham was born and raised in Egypt. When he was young, about 20-30 maybe, he and three other Women saw the evil in the worshiping of the Egyptian Gods. Abraham’s father disliked that Abraham was not worshiping the Egyptians Gods. So anyone who did not worship their Gods, they used them as offerings to their Gods. The Women were the first to go. But When Abraham was on the altar about to get sacrificed, an angel came and slew the priest and then took Abraham somewhere else.


Abraham went to some other part of his family which was in the land of Canaan. And then he took Saira to wife (who also turns out to be his cousin). Abraham and Saira lived doing the Lord’s will until they were old. They badly wanted a son, and then three messengers came. Abraham saw and then knew that these three messengers were of the Lord, so he treated them extremely well. And when they had their rest they told Abraham their message, and that was that Abraham and Saira were going to have a child. Saira overheard the message, and then laughed at it. When she was 90 years of age!  She finally was able to bear a child – something she was wishing for, for a long long time. Years passed, and Abraham was asked by the Lord to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice. As difficult as it was for Abraham, he was obedient and was prepared to do what was asked of him by the Lord. When they arrived, Isaac notice that they did not have an offering. Isaac was determined to do his father’s will, so he decided to use himself as the sacrifice. When Abraham was about to prepare the sacrifice for burning, an angel stopped him and then the Lord gave Abraham a ram instead of using Abraham’s only son.


Many years later, Abraham took one of his servants to the Land of Canaan, because the women nearby were not worthy enough. So the servant went to the Land of Canaan, and found a lovely young woman named Rebekah, who gave him, the other servants and their 10 camels enough water to drink. And after a nights stay, the servant asked Rebekah if she could go with him back to his new master Isaac. Rebeka agreed to go with the servant. And when she arrived at the servants new master’s land, she saw Isaac coming towards them and then she lightened off her camel and asked the servant who was the person was coming towards them. He replied that it was his new master. Isaac then took Rebekah to wife, and had 2 sons.


Esau was the oldest, and Jacob was the youngest. Esau was hairy, and was an outsider (loved to be outside) and was Isaac’s favorite. While Jacob helped inside the tents, and was his mother’s favorite. One day Esau came to Jacob famished and asked for some pottage (food). Jacob sold the pottage to his brother Esau for Esau’s birthright. A few days later Isaac told Esau to make Isaac’s favorite meal. Rebekah heard her husband’s wishes, and then gave Jacob some errands to run. And then she made Isaac’s wish, and then made Jacob wear the kid’s (animal’s) skin so that his arms seemed hairy, and then he delivered the meal to his father and then received his father’s blessing. When Esau came back, he delivered his father’s meal but was too late, because the blessing was already given to Jacob. Isaac noticed that he was deceived (because he was blind), and Esau demanded to receive a blessing too.


Rebekah told Jacob to run away, because his brother Esau seeked for revenge. So Jacob ran away to his Uncle on his mother’s side. There he saw a lovely looking woman, so he did what men’s natural way of getting woman’s attention and that was to show off, by doing things that normal men can not do. So he made an agreement with his uncle, that he would work 7 years for Rachel (the beautiful looking young woman that caught Jacob’s attention). So Jacob worked 7 years for Rachel but got the older sister Leah instead. So he worked for another 7 years for Rachel. And then he worked for another 7 years to support his family, and then took them with him to his original home land. But one problem was in the way… Jacob feared that his older brother Esau was probably still wanting revenge on Jacob. So Jacob sent some gifts ahead for his brother, but his brother gave them back with the revengeance gone away from him and invited Jacob and his family to stay.


Over the years, Jacob’s wives bore him 12 sons. 10 belonged to Leah, and 2 which he loved more than the other 10, were from Rachel. Out of the 4 wives that Jacob had, he loved Rachel the most. During the years after Jacob had outlived his wives, the 10 older sons grew jealous of their younger brother Joseph (who was the oldest of the 2 youngest). Eventually Joseph was sold by his older brothers into Egypt. He was bought by the Captain of the Guards of Pharaoh. Joseph worked hard to become the best slave. He was made ruler of the slaves. And then Potiphar’s (Potiphar was the  Captain of the Guard’s) wife decided to make Joseph sin against God. Joseph denied to listen to such a command, and was thrown into prison. While in prison, he saved the life of the prison keeper, and was entrusted to help run the prison. One time he saw that 2 of the prisoners were uneasy because of the dreams that they had. So Joseph interpreted their dreams, which came true.


Years later Pharaoh started to have dreams, and demanded them to be interpreted. Which no one so far could interpret. So Joseph was sent and he interpreted the dreams that the Pharaoh had. And then was appointed to be second in command of Egypt. Seven years after Joseph had foretold of the famine that was to come. His brothers came to Egypt to buy food. So Joseph gave a little more than what they thought they bought. The brothers came a few times more, until Joseph got them to bring their youngest brother, Benjamin. And then Joseph decided to take his youngest brother as a slave, but one of the older brothers decided that his father would die if Benjamin did not come back, so he asked if Joseph should take him instead. And then Joseph revealed his true identity to his brothers. The brothers were struck speechless (for the moment) and Joseph forgave his older brothers for selling him into Egypt, because the Lord wanted Joseph to be there to save Egypt and many other lives from the 7 year famine.


Years after Joseph had died, the Egyptians forgot the great deeds that Joseph did. So all the Hebrews became slaves. Moses was born and put in a basket on a river, and then one of Pharaoh’s daughters found Moses there. Many years passed, then Moses killed an overseer for whipping a slave too much and then ran away and became a shepherd. One day while he was tending his flock of sheep, he came upon a burning bush that was not being consumed. He followed the burning bush into a cave, and received a message from the Lord on that holy ground. Moses was told to and save his people, the Hebrews, from slavery. Moses is doubtful that he can do what is requested of him by the Lord.  He doubts his ability to speak well, and then he was told that his brother Aaron will help him. Finally Moses accepts his duty and does it. He went to Pharaoh and demanded him to release the Hebrews. Then Moses worked some wonders and ten plagues are released upon Egypt, but still Pharaoh is hard hearted and will not release the Hebrew. And the Passover finally came, and Pharaoh releases the Hebrews. The next day the Pharaoh changed his mind and went after them. The Lord parted the Red Sea for the Hebrews. During their journey, the Lord did some wonders to stop the people’s complaining. Moses went up a mountain for 40 days, and came back down with 2 tablets only to see that the people were worshiping a golden calf. And that angered Moses so he threw the tablets down, causing the tables to break.  He destroys the golden calf. And then Moses goes back up to get a new set of the tablets.


Genesis 1-3

Genesis 1: Is about the days that everything that was created. The 7th day was a day of rest. And God saw that everything that he created was good.


Genesis 2: Is about God giving a task to Adam to name every animal. And then God made a woman to be a companion (wife) for Adam. Eve, the woman that God gave Adam, was tempted by a serpent to eat a forbidden fruit and she gave some of that fruit to Adam, who ate as well. And then their minds were opened to the knowledge of good and evil.

And they ran away, knowing that they were naked, to sew fig leaves to make an apron to cover them. God came and asked Adam where he was, Adam answered. God asked him why he was hiding and Adam told God that he was naked. God then asks, who told him that he was naked, and then asked Adam did he eat of the forbidden fruit. Adam replies that Eve gave him some fruit and he ate. God then asks, why did she eat of the forbidden fruit and she told God that the Serpent tricked her into doing so. And then God cursed the serpent. And then kick Adam and Eve out of the Garden, with a whole new world to experience.


Genesis 3: Is about some of the history line of Adam and Eve had created. Cain and Abel, making sacrifices to the Lord. The Lord respects Abel and his offerings and not Cain’s. Cain gets enious, and kills Abel. The Lord curses Cain and puts a mark on Cain, and said that anyone who killed Cain will get 70-fold.