Would It Be Moral to Grade Exams, So That All Students Get The Same Grade?

No, it will immoral to grade all students the same. The reason why it will be immoral, is because it will also be very unfair to those students who work so hard to get they grades. If you grade everyone the same, then the students will NOT work hard to get their grades, the students will get bored of learning, and many other things.

Lets say that a student works really hard to get an A in the class and gets 9½/10 equation or questions correct, and the teacher gives them a C. Then there is this one student who paid no attention in class and they got 1/10 equation or questions correct, and the teacher gives them a C. Why work hard to get what the lazy gets? It is like saying 1+1= whatever, instead of 1=1=2. If teaches grade their students all the same, then we will lose the knowledge to do things. If the teachers or anyone grades everyone the same, we might become less knowledgeable, and become even more lazier and more dumber than the people before us.

It is not the teachers who grade, it is the complaining parents of the lazy students who do whatever they want to do. The parents, of those lazy students, are too big of cowards to teach their children discipline and instead they turn their children into spoiled brats. The people in the past did not build the future for the people to become even more lazy, they created the future to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Sorry if I sounded like I was lecturing, but sometimes it hurts to hear the truth. But I had to state my opinion about lazy people (Yes sometimes I become extremely lazy (in the ‘I do not want to do this to do that’ type of laziness)). If you want wealth, then you need to earn that desired wealth. ‘Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish, you feed him for life’. Instead of giving someone wealth, you teach them how to get wealthy.

My family had watch “The Gods Must Be Crazy” and “The Gods Must Be Crazy 2”, and we realized that the Bushmen had little, so they needed little to make them happy. And they turn out to become even happier than us. In “The Gods Must Be Crazy 2” the main Bushman was after his children in all most the entire movie, and along the way he had helped some people. At the end of the movie, he was happy to finally found his 2 lost children, and the 2 lost children were happy to have found each other and to be back with their father. The Bushmen were happy with their lives, company/ community, and how they lived even thought they lived on so little, they were still happy, although they live in a desert.

Sometimes I wish that something little could make me as happy as finding lost family, could make me happy as the Bushmen.

I challenge you readers to find and count the many things that you are thankful for or some of the many Blessings that had happened in your life. And please post them in the comments below

Here is some for those who are having troubles thinking of some: Pluming, water, comfortable homes.


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