Why shouldn’t I borrow to buy something that depreciates?

The reason why we should not borrow, is because if we borrow money then that opens a habit of borrowing more money than you could repay. So if we borrow money then we should only borrow tiny bits at a time, and before we could borrow even more money, we should repay that money that we owe to the person that we borrowed from. And we should only borrow when we really need to. I advise that people should not borrow money at all, and if they do, try to borrow as little money as possible and then repay that debt. A.S.A.P (as soon as possible). What I do is that I when I get my I pay I take out my, tithing, then I get what I need the most, and then I use whatever money leftover to do whatever I want. I try to spend as little money as possible on the treats, or whatever I wanted, and I try to get cheap but really nice and good quality gifts for birthdays and Christmas. First I look at the price of whatever I am looking for, and then I look at how much I got, and then calculate how much I will be spending. And then I decide on whether I will get it or not. For example; my parents, my two younger siblings, and I went back to Canada because my dad had some business to attend to, and my two younger siblings, and I only had Canadian money to spend on Christmas gifts this year (2015), and one of our first stops was a dollar store. And so in that store were lava lamps for about $20 each and you can’t really buy at any stores for any cheaper than $50+ (please correct if I am wrong), and so we (all except my parents) each got a lava lamp. My parents say that it was a useless buy, but we each wanted one to decorate our bedrooms in our new house that we are renting until we find a house to move and settle in. How do I have so much money after that, that is because I usually want what I need. I do not agree with my parents about the lava lamps were a useless buy, because our bedrooms are dark at night and the night lights that my mom got were poor quality.

  1. get out money that to owe to some person or people/ get rid of debt.
  2. get what you need the most.
  3. save.
  4. get whatever you want last, and get whatever you need first.

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