What was Thompson’s theory of the relationship between sanctions and slavery?

I think that John Thompson’s is correct about Slavery being evil. He thought that Slavery was evil because of the Masters or Mistress negative sanctions. The best owners were the ones who treated and fed their slaves well. Most of the slave owners whipped their slaves very cruelly for absolutely no reason at all or for just for the sake of whipping them. Now that is bad.
What the owners could have done, is that they could have whipped the air to make sure the slaves are paying attention to what they are doing, and whip them when ever they need to be whipped. For an example: if a couple of slaves are not paying attention to their master, then the master should whip the air to get their attention. But if those slaves ignored the first three cracks of the whip, then they should be taken to a place were they should only be whipped from 1-5 times depending how many times they ignored a rule, one rule broken equals three warnings then a slash across the back.
The owners who cruelly whipped the poor slaves, deserved their own medicine and the slaves did not work their best and hardest for the master. But the owners who fed and treated well, the slaves worked harder and better for their owner. So if you had a big plantation and had many slaves, you should treat and feed them well, because if you feed them well they usually work harder, and if you treat them well they would work even harder and would have no desire to kill anyone. If you feed and treat them well you would not only have hard-working slaves, but they would not have to be driven by the whip, and they would not turn against their master. Bad sanctions mixed with slavery is evil, but good sanctions with slavery could be a good thing in some ways/ it is not as evil.
It is a good thing that they (the owners of the slaves) did not use a scorpion whip (a whip, that could have multiple tails, with pieces of bone or metal sticking out from the handle to the tip of the tails of the whip (the pieces of bone or metal in the whip is supposed to rip the flesh of the victim’s body)) to whip the slaves. I think that Christ was whipped what a scorpion whip. In Africa, they did not have slaves but servants instead.
To all you people who are bullies, please go and get to do something nice to the people who you are, bullying like stop being mean to the people who you bully. To all you people who are getting bullied, please do something nice for the bully and if they still bully you after your kind deed then you could show them that you are not a whim, coward, weakling, or that you could do something better than they can.


One thought on “What was Thompson’s theory of the relationship between sanctions and slavery?

  1. I do agree with you that slavery is wrong, and inhumane treatment of slaves, if owned, is also wrong. However, I think that slavery’s evils are separate from what makes it evil. Though it caused much inhumane treatment, it is wrong because it subjects humans to the level of beasts. It denies human beings their most fundamental rights, and turns them into property. This, separate from how their masters may have treated them, is what makes slavery so evil. I am not calling every slaveholder evil, though some undoubtedly were, as they were desensitized to what they were doing from the moment they were born. Slaveholders, every one, were clearly furthering an evil practice, and it reflects negatively on them, without making them, without exception, objectively evil.


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