The Differences Between Northup’s Response to Separation From His Children And Eliza’s Response To Separation From Her Children

How Northup responded to the separation of his children:

Northrup did not take being separated from his children and wife, very easy at first when he got kidnapped and sold into slavery. Then he learned to keep his mouth shut, because he had learned that if he kept telling people about his history about him being a freeman who got kidnapped and then sold into slavery, then he would of gotten killed for not refusing that he was a freeman. All though he kept his mouth shut, most of the time, he did not sleep very well at night because he kept dreaming about his children and wife who he missed dearly.

How Eliza responded to the separation of her children:

Eliza did not take her being separated from her children as well as Northrup did. She kept complaining, morning, crying, and (of course) thinking about her children. Wherever she went, she could not keep her mouth shut about her children. She also kept begging her purchasers to purchase her and her children as a package, if she or one of the children gets purchased. She, like Northrup, did not sleep very well at night because she was too busy grieving the separation of her and her children.

I think that it was not easy for both of them, but easier for Northrup because, he did not get the chance to say good-bye to his wife and children. He was forced to say nothing about him being a freeman, or he would of gotten killed. Eliza got a chance to say good-bye to each of her children. And she was allowed to speak of her children.

Not saying good-buy can sometimes make the separation easier, than saying good-buy. Being forced to keep quiet about being a freeman and the life of a freeman, is sometimes easier to bare than speaking of your children, or someone who you miss, all the time. So tectonically speaking, Northrup had it a little bit easier than Eliza.


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