My plan to implement one chapter in my life

I really have no plans about writing a chapter or at least an article in my book. I do not like to be dishonest with people, and I do not like people to be dishonest with me. If I ever write an autobiography, I plan to tell the absolute truth about everything. If I write a fiction book, then I could do practically anything in the book, because the story is made up and I cannot lie, but the characters can, in the book because the story never happened in reality.

I would not write because I do not like writing, I would write if I have a passion or a hobby (witch I do not have) for it, but I usually write because it is an assignment. If I have to put my life’s story in one chapter, I think that I would run out ideas on what to write or put in the chapter. I plan on keeping anything and everything personal out of the chapter, and I do not think that my life’s story could fit into one chapter that is not way too long.

If I have to write one chapter about anything about my life, I plan it to be the most important part in my life (except being born), and that chapter is still yet to come. Some people have their life all planned out already, and they probably think that everything will go as they had planned. Yes sometimes it happens as they had planned it, but most of the times it does not. I have a plan that might happen as I have planned, but I do not have all the tiny little details like, who, what, where, when, why, and how things are going to happen.

My plan is to (when I am of age) meet and go on some dates with some (more than one, and no one in particular) girls, and if we choose each other for our reasons, we will then figure out the littler/ finer details together. I plan to get married to a lady of my choice when she and I are ready to. While I wait for time to pass, I plan on enjoying my moments that I spend on preparing to make sure that I am worthy for my future companion and wife (if I ever live to that moment).

Yes I have had some friends that were/ are girls, but they are not or were not a today’s term “Girlfriend” (a very close friend that is a girl) we were or are just friends that are opposite genders, and I have had very few of those kind of friend (a friend that is a girl). My life’s most important chapter has not come yet because I am not ready yet, but once I find the right girl to marry, and when I am the right age, then that chapter would start, otherwise I have chapters that I would have to live out that would lead up to that most important chapter in my life.


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