Did Thompson Provide Persuasive Evidence that South’s Slave System Was Morally Evil

By the way Thompson had described the South’s slave system when he was alive then, Yes, the slave system was morally evil. Just by reading the story I can just picture all that whipping, and picturing how much pain they had to bare, and how we all was get it easy. I would rather read about the pains they had to bare, than literally and physically see what they had to go through.

We still have that slave system, but we do not have it as bad as what they had it, but in some ways it has gotten more worser over the years. We may not have the cruelty of the masters and overseers, or the whips, or the punishments that they had, but we have employees who are being mistreated, or being cheated on, or some other thing that is equally as bad. It says somewhere in the scriptures, about the masters and slaves will turn against each other. Some of you might have gotten afended about me calling employers slaves, well employers are not slaves they are more like well treated servants.

Who pays you to do something? Your boss. Who has control of how much you get paid? Your boss. Who can fire you whenever they want? Your boss. Who can change your job in the business? Your boss. The not so good boss, that treats his employers poorly, will most likely have his employers go against him, than a good boss, who treats his employers really well.

There was this one person who owned a vacuum company, and his workers were not working hard enough and they (the employers) wanted a higher salary. He told them that if they will work harder and not go on a strike, he will raise their salary. They kept complaining and went on a strike. So he fired every single person, and soon after that, his company was again full of hard-working workers, and the company made a 100% increase in profit.

It was not the company owner that had to make the change, it was his employees. He treated them fairly, and he gave them more than one opportunity for them to change their attitude without using a whip. But they did get punished by getting fired, when they did not listen to him. Sometimes it is us that needs to change, not other people.


One thought on “Did Thompson Provide Persuasive Evidence that South’s Slave System Was Morally Evil

  1. Slavery is one thing and one thing only: when one human being is owned, as property, by another. Inhumane and degrading treatment, though equally horrible and often side by side with slavery, is a different and separate item. Both are wrong, and they are often confused, but it is important to keep them separate. Political rhetoric and popular culture depicts no difference, though there have been slaves treated like kings (very few of them), and free men treated like dogs.


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