Best Ad Conforms an Irresistible Offer

The ads that were given me to watch, were not really advertising. The most advertising of the ads was the one about the American Express credit or debit (whatever) card. The one about eh M&M’s, sort of told a lie, because all chocolates will melt in your hands, depending how hot your hand is. The ones about the computers, well yea I guess that it would have been pretty advertising back when they had made it. I know that they could of made the ad a little bit more advertising, if they only knew how to do it.

With me and my family, we either do not or do but its is like only for a few seconds or so. So you have to make a really advertising ad that is all over the place, and that might or might not caught our attention. If we need something like a very sharp knife, we will try to find the best sharp knife to have that is cheep but good quality. ‘it is all about the quality not the quantity’ for life long lasting things, ‘it is all about the quantity not the quality’ for little kids that attend lets say a party. If you want something that will last a long time then it is about the quality, if you are getting something that is cheep for a lot of people like at a large party ten it is about the quantity. Ads are more advertising when people needed whatever the ad is advertising, For example: when people go and eat out, then it would be a good time to advertise about food.

It would be even better, if you offer something that would make the ad even more advertising at the right time. For example: when people are eating out at a restaurant, then it would be a good time to put an ad with a special offer about whatever you are selling in front of the buyers. Five Guys is a great burger place to go and eat at. What makes them great is that they sell great burgers that are cheep and they put one whatever the customers want on it, but they take a while to make so they give out FREE peanuts.

To me, Five Guys and Little Caesars do not need advertisement to advertise what the are selling. All they need is the continual making of cheep and great food, because people will then tell about how great their food is. Little Caesars have some hot and ready pizza’s in storage, and they might give you something to go with what you ordered for FREE because of the time you had waited (not like 20 minutes, but like 30+ minutes, or over the time it takes to create your order(please do not go and and buy, then refuse your order and only will receive it like an hour later just because you want something free to go with your order)).


6 thoughts on “Best Ad Conforms an Irresistible Offer

        1. Have you ever had a near death experience? Yes. 3 times

          What is your favorite season? Summer

          Do you like chocolate? Yes. as long it is not Dark chocolate.

          What is your favorite school subject? Do not have any. because I only have like 5 classes. but if I had to choose one, it will be the reading part in English (LA)

          What is your favorite bible verse? Do not have any.

          Have you ever broken a bone? Fractured my Skull when I was 2 years old. Does that count?

          Do you play sports? no.
          What genre of music do you listen to? old Classic

          Do you like to travel? I have had more than my fair share in traveling (moving wise)

          Do you like to bake? I enjoy cooking (sometimes), and love to experience with creating something new an delicious, with sandwiches (taking some random ingredients and putting them on a sandwich)

          What is your favorite book? I do not have a favorite book. but I like Some Sci-fi books like Fableheaven

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