Best Ad Conforms an Irresistible Offer

The ads that were given me to watch, were not really advertising. The most advertising of the ads was the one about the American Express credit or debit (whatever) card. The one about eh M&M’s, sort of told a lie, because all chocolates will melt in your hands, depending how hot your hand is. The ones about the computers, well yea I guess that it would have been pretty advertising back when they had made it. I know that they could of made the ad a little bit more advertising, if they only knew how to do it.

With me and my family, we either do not or do but its is like only for a few seconds or so. So you have to make a really advertising ad that is all over the place, and that might or might not caught our attention. If we need something like a very sharp knife, we will try to find the best sharp knife to have that is cheep but good quality. ‘it is all about the quality not the quantity’ for life long lasting things, ‘it is all about the quantity not the quality’ for little kids that attend lets say a party. If you want something that will last a long time then it is about the quality, if you are getting something that is cheep for a lot of people like at a large party ten it is about the quantity. Ads are more advertising when people needed whatever the ad is advertising, For example: when people go and eat out, then it would be a good time to advertise about food.

It would be even better, if you offer something that would make the ad even more advertising at the right time. For example: when people are eating out at a restaurant, then it would be a good time to put an ad with a special offer about whatever you are selling in front of the buyers. Five Guys is a great burger place to go and eat at. What makes them great is that they sell great burgers that are cheep and they put one whatever the customers want on it, but they take a while to make so they give out FREE peanuts.

To me, Five Guys and Little Caesars do not need advertisement to advertise what the are selling. All they need is the continual making of cheep and great food, because people will then tell about how great their food is. Little Caesars have some hot and ready pizza’s in storage, and they might give you something to go with what you ordered for FREE because of the time you had waited (not like 20 minutes, but like 30+ minutes, or over the time it takes to create your order(please do not go and and buy, then refuse your order and only will receive it like an hour later just because you want something free to go with your order)).


The Differences Between Northup’s Response to Separation From His Children And Eliza’s Response To Separation From Her Children

How Northup responded to the separation of his children:

Northrup did not take being separated from his children and wife, very easy at first when he got kidnapped and sold into slavery. Then he learned to keep his mouth shut, because he had learned that if he kept telling people about his history about him being a freeman who got kidnapped and then sold into slavery, then he would of gotten killed for not refusing that he was a freeman. All though he kept his mouth shut, most of the time, he did not sleep very well at night because he kept dreaming about his children and wife who he missed dearly.

How Eliza responded to the separation of her children:

Eliza did not take her being separated from her children as well as Northrup did. She kept complaining, morning, crying, and (of course) thinking about her children. Wherever she went, she could not keep her mouth shut about her children. She also kept begging her purchasers to purchase her and her children as a package, if she or one of the children gets purchased. She, like Northrup, did not sleep very well at night because she was too busy grieving the separation of her and her children.

I think that it was not easy for both of them, but easier for Northrup because, he did not get the chance to say good-bye to his wife and children. He was forced to say nothing about him being a freeman, or he would of gotten killed. Eliza got a chance to say good-bye to each of her children. And she was allowed to speak of her children.

Not saying good-buy can sometimes make the separation easier, than saying good-buy. Being forced to keep quiet about being a freeman and the life of a freeman, is sometimes easier to bare than speaking of your children, or someone who you miss, all the time. So tectonically speaking, Northrup had it a little bit easier than Eliza.

Would It Be Moral to Grade Exams, So That All Students Get The Same Grade?

No, it will immoral to grade all students the same. The reason why it will be immoral, is because it will also be very unfair to those students who work so hard to get they grades. If you grade everyone the same, then the students will NOT work hard to get their grades, the students will get bored of learning, and many other things.

Lets say that a student works really hard to get an A in the class and gets 9½/10 equation or questions correct, and the teacher gives them a C. Then there is this one student who paid no attention in class and they got 1/10 equation or questions correct, and the teacher gives them a C. Why work hard to get what the lazy gets? It is like saying 1+1= whatever, instead of 1=1=2. If teaches grade their students all the same, then we will lose the knowledge to do things. If the teachers or anyone grades everyone the same, we might become less knowledgeable, and become even more lazier and more dumber than the people before us.

It is not the teachers who grade, it is the complaining parents of the lazy students who do whatever they want to do. The parents, of those lazy students, are too big of cowards to teach their children discipline and instead they turn their children into spoiled brats. The people in the past did not build the future for the people to become even more lazy, they created the future to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Sorry if I sounded like I was lecturing, but sometimes it hurts to hear the truth. But I had to state my opinion about lazy people (Yes sometimes I become extremely lazy (in the ‘I do not want to do this to do that’ type of laziness)). If you want wealth, then you need to earn that desired wealth. ‘Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish, you feed him for life’. Instead of giving someone wealth, you teach them how to get wealthy.

My family had watch “The Gods Must Be Crazy” and “The Gods Must Be Crazy 2”, and we realized that the Bushmen had little, so they needed little to make them happy. And they turn out to become even happier than us. In “The Gods Must Be Crazy 2” the main Bushman was after his children in all most the entire movie, and along the way he had helped some people. At the end of the movie, he was happy to finally found his 2 lost children, and the 2 lost children were happy to have found each other and to be back with their father. The Bushmen were happy with their lives, company/ community, and how they lived even thought they lived on so little, they were still happy, although they live in a desert.

Sometimes I wish that something little could make me as happy as finding lost family, could make me happy as the Bushmen.

I challenge you readers to find and count the many things that you are thankful for or some of the many Blessings that had happened in your life. And please post them in the comments below

Here is some for those who are having troubles thinking of some: Pluming, water, comfortable homes.

Did Thompson Provide Persuasive Evidence that South’s Slave System Was Morally Evil

By the way Thompson had described the South’s slave system when he was alive then, Yes, the slave system was morally evil. Just by reading the story I can just picture all that whipping, and picturing how much pain they had to bare, and how we all was get it easy. I would rather read about the pains they had to bare, than literally and physically see what they had to go through.

We still have that slave system, but we do not have it as bad as what they had it, but in some ways it has gotten more worser over the years. We may not have the cruelty of the masters and overseers, or the whips, or the punishments that they had, but we have employees who are being mistreated, or being cheated on, or some other thing that is equally as bad. It says somewhere in the scriptures, about the masters and slaves will turn against each other. Some of you might have gotten afended about me calling employers slaves, well employers are not slaves they are more like well treated servants.

Who pays you to do something? Your boss. Who has control of how much you get paid? Your boss. Who can fire you whenever they want? Your boss. Who can change your job in the business? Your boss. The not so good boss, that treats his employers poorly, will most likely have his employers go against him, than a good boss, who treats his employers really well.

There was this one person who owned a vacuum company, and his workers were not working hard enough and they (the employers) wanted a higher salary. He told them that if they will work harder and not go on a strike, he will raise their salary. They kept complaining and went on a strike. So he fired every single person, and soon after that, his company was again full of hard-working workers, and the company made a 100% increase in profit.

It was not the company owner that had to make the change, it was his employees. He treated them fairly, and he gave them more than one opportunity for them to change their attitude without using a whip. But they did get punished by getting fired, when they did not listen to him. Sometimes it is us that needs to change, not other people.

Why shouldn’t I borrow to buy something that depreciates?

The reason why we should not borrow, is because if we borrow money then that opens a habit of borrowing more money than you could repay. So if we borrow money then we should only borrow tiny bits at a time, and before we could borrow even more money, we should repay that money that we owe to the person that we borrowed from. And we should only borrow when we really need to. I advise that people should not borrow money at all, and if they do, try to borrow as little money as possible and then repay that debt. A.S.A.P (as soon as possible). What I do is that I when I get my I pay I take out my, tithing, then I get what I need the most, and then I use whatever money leftover to do whatever I want. I try to spend as little money as possible on the treats, or whatever I wanted, and I try to get cheap but really nice and good quality gifts for birthdays and Christmas. First I look at the price of whatever I am looking for, and then I look at how much I got, and then calculate how much I will be spending. And then I decide on whether I will get it or not. For example; my parents, my two younger siblings, and I went back to Canada because my dad had some business to attend to, and my two younger siblings, and I only had Canadian money to spend on Christmas gifts this year (2015), and one of our first stops was a dollar store. And so in that store were lava lamps for about $20 each and you can’t really buy at any stores for any cheaper than $50+ (please correct if I am wrong), and so we (all except my parents) each got a lava lamp. My parents say that it was a useless buy, but we each wanted one to decorate our bedrooms in our new house that we are renting until we find a house to move and settle in. How do I have so much money after that, that is because I usually want what I need. I do not agree with my parents about the lava lamps were a useless buy, because our bedrooms are dark at night and the night lights that my mom got were poor quality.

  1. get out money that to owe to some person or people/ get rid of debt.
  2. get what you need the most.
  3. save.
  4. get whatever you want last, and get whatever you need first.

What was Thompson’s theory of the relationship between sanctions and slavery?

I think that John Thompson’s is correct about Slavery being evil. He thought that Slavery was evil because of the Masters or Mistress negative sanctions. The best owners were the ones who treated and fed their slaves well. Most of the slave owners whipped their slaves very cruelly for absolutely no reason at all or for just for the sake of whipping them. Now that is bad.
What the owners could have done, is that they could have whipped the air to make sure the slaves are paying attention to what they are doing, and whip them when ever they need to be whipped. For an example: if a couple of slaves are not paying attention to their master, then the master should whip the air to get their attention. But if those slaves ignored the first three cracks of the whip, then they should be taken to a place were they should only be whipped from 1-5 times depending how many times they ignored a rule, one rule broken equals three warnings then a slash across the back.
The owners who cruelly whipped the poor slaves, deserved their own medicine and the slaves did not work their best and hardest for the master. But the owners who fed and treated well, the slaves worked harder and better for their owner. So if you had a big plantation and had many slaves, you should treat and feed them well, because if you feed them well they usually work harder, and if you treat them well they would work even harder and would have no desire to kill anyone. If you feed and treat them well you would not only have hard-working slaves, but they would not have to be driven by the whip, and they would not turn against their master. Bad sanctions mixed with slavery is evil, but good sanctions with slavery could be a good thing in some ways/ it is not as evil.
It is a good thing that they (the owners of the slaves) did not use a scorpion whip (a whip, that could have multiple tails, with pieces of bone or metal sticking out from the handle to the tip of the tails of the whip (the pieces of bone or metal in the whip is supposed to rip the flesh of the victim’s body)) to whip the slaves. I think that Christ was whipped what a scorpion whip. In Africa, they did not have slaves but servants instead.
To all you people who are bullies, please go and get to do something nice to the people who you are, bullying like stop being mean to the people who you bully. To all you people who are getting bullied, please do something nice for the bully and if they still bully you after your kind deed then you could show them that you are not a whim, coward, weakling, or that you could do something better than they can.

My plan to implement one chapter in my life

I really have no plans about writing a chapter or at least an article in my book. I do not like to be dishonest with people, and I do not like people to be dishonest with me. If I ever write an autobiography, I plan to tell the absolute truth about everything. If I write a fiction book, then I could do practically anything in the book, because the story is made up and I cannot lie, but the characters can, in the book because the story never happened in reality.

I would not write because I do not like writing, I would write if I have a passion or a hobby (witch I do not have) for it, but I usually write because it is an assignment. If I have to put my life’s story in one chapter, I think that I would run out ideas on what to write or put in the chapter. I plan on keeping anything and everything personal out of the chapter, and I do not think that my life’s story could fit into one chapter that is not way too long.

If I have to write one chapter about anything about my life, I plan it to be the most important part in my life (except being born), and that chapter is still yet to come. Some people have their life all planned out already, and they probably think that everything will go as they had planned. Yes sometimes it happens as they had planned it, but most of the times it does not. I have a plan that might happen as I have planned, but I do not have all the tiny little details like, who, what, where, when, why, and how things are going to happen.

My plan is to (when I am of age) meet and go on some dates with some (more than one, and no one in particular) girls, and if we choose each other for our reasons, we will then figure out the littler/ finer details together. I plan to get married to a lady of my choice when she and I are ready to. While I wait for time to pass, I plan on enjoying my moments that I spend on preparing to make sure that I am worthy for my future companion and wife (if I ever live to that moment).

Yes I have had some friends that were/ are girls, but they are not or were not a today’s term “Girlfriend” (a very close friend that is a girl) we were or are just friends that are opposite genders, and I have had very few of those kind of friend (a friend that is a girl). My life’s most important chapter has not come yet because I am not ready yet, but once I find the right girl to marry, and when I am the right age, then that chapter would start, otherwise I have chapters that I would have to live out that would lead up to that most important chapter in my life.