What Would I Have to Give Up in Order to Save 10% of My Income?

I would give up my TV time; because I can lose a fortune if I keep watching. The only time that I should have screen time, is to help make work easier (if my job is on a computer) , unless my job, work, chores are done, then I can have my screen time. I am completely against video games unless I or and my friends want to relax and are way too bored or too fatigued to play any active activities, play any board or card games, watching TV, news, a movies, etc., then it is a different story. But I should stay far away as possible from video games. And I am also completely against playing video games for a living (not the people who are playing for a living), but those who do hard physical labour, I am not against. If I am ever planning to play video games for a living, it will ruin my life. If I want to play video games, but everyone else wants to play the same game and I or and someone or some people do not have enough whatever it maybe, and I do not have enough time to take turns, then I could find that same game on the internet or whatever source it might be on. And if there is a limit to that, then go and play any version of dodge-ball, capture the flag, Home free, tag, if that is still not fun or not possible (rainy weather) then mix (the game) up with some other (active) games, or just simply have a nice little conversation about something (else if I tried, but ended up as a disaster).
When I mean by screen time I mean screen time during free time must be used wisely. Instead of watching TV or playing video games; … read a book, play card or board games, play an active game like Home Free instead


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