The Ideal Apprenticeship job, and Why

The ideal apprentice job, is a job that you enjoy doing. The reason why is because, you might what to get paid for what you enjoy doing. For example: if you enjoy cooking or being near food, then work at or for a restaurant; if you love to build, then go and work for construction companies, or make one yourself; if you love to take photo’s, then become a photographer; if you enjoy programming, then fiddle with electronics and create something unique with your programming like a singing robot, a device that can play a song, and so on. If you do something that you enjoy doing, then life will be a better and funner place for you. For example: Stan Checkitt used to do whatever he used to do and life was not fun, so he figured out that he loved make he children and grand-kids happy by doing whatever that made them happy. So he decided that he should make a company that built amusement rides, that would take you in the air and then bring you back down safely. He is now making lots of money by doing what he enjoys.

I figured out that the best apprentice job ever, is the one that you enjoy doing the most. Since I have a big collection of pens, love some unique foods, love knives, and Duct-tape, and since I like to build, I could probably make a company that could sell healthy home-made food, really unique knives or any sharp blades, could even sell unique multi-use pens, and unique stuff made out of Duct-tape. I am not sure on what materials will be the best to use, for the business I hope will succeed, if I ever try, and will do much good to my employees, me, my customers, who will benefit from it.

If my dreams come true and if everything works out as planned, I think that my work will not be boring to anyone and everyone. If your apprentice job or job is boring and you want to do something else, then work your way to do whatever you enjoy doing that will do a lot more good than harm to the world. If you want to change from your job to being lazy and doing nothing useful, then that is not good. But if you want to change from like peeling potatoes all day to doing something like building a house, then that is good.

So work on making your life more enjoyable, and that would do more good than harm.


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