Small Business or Aprenticeship

I would rather be a minimum-waged apprentice then someday become a mentor, because I while I am an apprentice I can gain some experience and some money to live on, and save for the small business that I might be creating. And I will start a small business once I have enough money. And once that business is up and going then I would be a mentor, because I get to choose who to hire and fire and I get complete control whatever I decide what the business would do. I can even work specific hours of the day of a week. But as it grows I can add very similar things onto what the business purpose will be.
I would rather be an apprentice first to gain some experience, and then have a business of my own. We need as many business owners that would cooperate with one another, because if we have lots of entrepreneurs that do not cooperate with each other, then there would be a huge fight over customers and workers. Work will be easy find, but harder to keep for a couple of years, and a lot more of the same companies will be making and selling a lot of the same stuff for almost the same price, and almost same quality.


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