Why do I think Plunkitt was so open about how he made his money?

I think that the reason why Plunkitt was so open about how he made his money is because that he did not want to seem as a foe (enemy) of the people, he wanted to be honest with the people, and the people to be honest with him. He wanted to be seen as a great leader, not a fraud. If someone asked him about how he did things, he would not only tell but he would also show what and how he did things. He was not afraid of anyone in his district, and no one was afraid of him, because they knew that he was a friend not a foe. He was open to the people because he cared about them.

If they ask for some help on something, he would do his best to help that person. If someone asked how he made his money, he would not only tell them how he did it, but he would also show how he did it. He helped all people, both young and old, in his district whenever he could, and at the best of his abilities. Through his observations, he knew beforehand which people would be without work. If a house (in his district) burnt down, he was usually the first person there to help and retrieve the new homeless family. Plunkitt really showed that he cared about the people in his district.

Plunkitt was a very caring person who loved the people. He possessed the qualities of a great leader.


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