“Which three time-allocation changes could increase my productivity the most? And Why?”

  1. Money; Will not make you happy most of the time, but you may enjoy being rich (if you are) or having money. Because money is used to buy items/tools that make life easier and more comfortable.


  1. Plan; You need a plan in order to make money. You need a plan so that you know what your needs are, so that you can meet them.


  1. Act according to the Plan; if you had made a plan ‘then use it’. Otherwise you wasted time and energy to make something useless, like a plan that you will hardly ever use.

Farmers are most likely happier than those people who are in the Cities, because they have a plan that they use for their money. They spend most of their money on things that they need, and then on the things that they want. They have a plan, and they use that plan. They are acting according to the plan to use their money wisely. They are happier because they have more freedom than those who are in the Cities. They might live far from each other, but they are happier because they learn to work hard to earn their shelter, food, clothing, etc. Those who work wisely with they money, will learn the easy way to live their lives according to what they have.

Having lots of money or being rich does not make you happy; you just enjoy having lots of money or being rich, or you just enjoy the many opportunities and privileges of having lots of money. Money cannot buy happiness, but those who serve others are the most happiest in life.


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