Was Washington’s View of the Future Also My View of the Future?

That is a good but hard question to answer, and “what about the future?”

Washington believed that education was important to all races, and that blacks would become just as educated, skilled, and experienced, as any other races. And I believe in what Washington believed about all races will be equal in knowledge, education, and skills. Booker Washington believed that if we work hard, we will receive many and enjoyable rewards and that apply to all races. I also believe that if we work hard that we will enjoy many rewards because of our hard work. Washington sacrificed his time and hard work for the future. I sacrifice my time and energy to do something small that will impact the future. What Washington accomplished in his lifetime, had a huge impact in the future. For instance, Washington believed that if he failed to be an example to his race, he would be unable to catch up with the other races in everything, and that his race would be only useful in being slaves.

Washington believed that cleanliness is next to godliness. I believe that cleanliness is next to godliness in both spiritual and physical ways. Keeping oneself clean from sin and becoming the best that you can be, is part of becoming godly. He taught his students, of all races, how to be organized and tidy. I try to keep my part of my room neat, tidy and organized, because if I ever need something I know where it is. Washington believed that Christmas was not about having time off work, having a party, getting drunk, etc., he believed in the true meaning of Christmas, and about the importance of service. I believe that the true meaning of Christmas is about us celebrating our Savior’s (Jesus Christ) birth, and that ‘we should focus on giving (willingly) to people, and not focus on what we are getting from people’, and not about Santa, or anything else like that.

Mr. Washington and his students showed how powerful service can be, and they also showed what is important about Christmas, by spending their Christmas building an old lady a home to live in. This is important to the future, because they showed the true meaning of Christmas to those who did not know or believe in the true meaning of Christmas.





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