“How serious was Plunkitt about patriotism’s connection to obtaining a job after Tammany won an election?”

He was pretty serious. Because he befriended the friendless; gave food, shelter, clothes, or and a job to those who needed food, shelter, clothes, or and a job; he showed affection to the children; he helped the new comers; he did everything in order to help his district. He tried his best to show the people of the district that he was a friend. He was even honest and fair to everyone. And yet some people still disliked him enough to vote for someone else who did not care for the people as did Plunkitt, and that person was dishonest with everything. The people preferred a dishonest, selfish, careless person rather than an honest, unselfish, friend, careful person such as Plunkitt. Plunkitt showed the people that he cared about them, and yet they preferred a liar who did not care a thing about the people.

Many good leaders are getting switched for power hungry, careless, selfish, liars, dishonest, etc., type of leaders. It’s like going from a good leader like Gorge Washington to Barack Obama. I mean no offence to the people who I had offended, but Plunkitt and Gorge Washington are perfect examples of good leaders. And the leaders like Hitler are just not good leaders; they are everything opposite from a good leader. And those not good leaders do not have a clear, pure, right mind of a great leader like Gorge Washington.

I am saying that Hitler was a horrible leader that did know what he is doing or that he is was not stupid, but he is a not a good leader that does pretty well at being a leader and that he is also very smart. It’s like saying “that person is a fool, a fool who keeps showing up”. In other words, Hitler was the complete opposite of George Washington Plunkitt, at all angles. People were not afraid of Plunkitt, but people were afraid of Hitler. eventually it the people’s wrath was so great, that even his guards, were hunting him down like dogs so the only way (for him) to get out without being tortured alive, was to commit suicide and that is what he did.

Hitler is no fool at all, in leader wise, he is pretty good at leading but he had bad leader qualities, like dishonesty, murder, cheater, liar, thief, etc. Some people preferred that other person than Plunkitt. It is the same thing with every person who goes to being elected. But if you are the voter, see what that the people (who are the electors), had promised to do and then vote for the person who fits most of needs or and wants for the future. Hitler is not the only bad leader who leads pretty well; there are always others worse and poorer at leading. I am just using Hitler as an example. Some people do his job better than others would ever do or would have done, but as always, there are people who would have done a better job than he did.


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