What can I cut out of my weekly schedule in order to increase my efficiency?

I can cut out some of my free time to do work and chores around the house. Instead of using my free time to do whatever I want, I can (if it snowed) shovel, mow the lawn(s) (if it needed mowing) to earn some money. Earning some money will be harder for me to earn for now because I still need to change my Canadian money to U.S money. Most of my free time I spend reading one of my books, except on Sundays because those days are a day of rest from all our weekly work, but on those Sundays I can read a Friend Magazine, New Era Magazine, Ensign Magazine, or my scriptures. If I do this in my free time, my mind can be at ease, and it will increase my ability to learn, and think. If I read a wide variety of books and magazines I will better educated or informed about what is happening in the world. One example of reading my scriptures that calmed my nerves down was after once I had watched a movie called “Super 8” with my family. And I (for some random reason) slept recklessly that night (tossing and turning in my sleep),I woke up a couple of times that night because I was hot and really tired but could not fall asleep; so I read my scriptures and that seemed to calm me down, but a few minutes later I would be all reckless again, so I slept with my lamp on but that seemed to annoy my brothers, so I put my lamp on and off during the night as I read my read my scriptures. The next morning I felt a lot better.


Was Washington’s View of the Future Also My View of the Future?

That is a good but hard question to answer, and “what about the future?”

Washington believed that education was important to all races, and that blacks would become just as educated, skilled, and experienced, as any other races. And I believe in what Washington believed about all races will be equal in knowledge, education, and skills. Booker Washington believed that if we work hard, we will receive many and enjoyable rewards and that apply to all races. I also believe that if we work hard that we will enjoy many rewards because of our hard work. Washington sacrificed his time and hard work for the future. I sacrifice my time and energy to do something small that will impact the future. What Washington accomplished in his lifetime, had a huge impact in the future. For instance, Washington believed that if he failed to be an example to his race, he would be unable to catch up with the other races in everything, and that his race would be only useful in being slaves.

Washington believed that cleanliness is next to godliness. I believe that cleanliness is next to godliness in both spiritual and physical ways. Keeping oneself clean from sin and becoming the best that you can be, is part of becoming godly. He taught his students, of all races, how to be organized and tidy. I try to keep my part of my room neat, tidy and organized, because if I ever need something I know where it is. Washington believed that Christmas was not about having time off work, having a party, getting drunk, etc., he believed in the true meaning of Christmas, and about the importance of service. I believe that the true meaning of Christmas is about us celebrating our Savior’s (Jesus Christ) birth, and that ‘we should focus on giving (willingly) to people, and not focus on what we are getting from people’, and not about Santa, or anything else like that.

Mr. Washington and his students showed how powerful service can be, and they also showed what is important about Christmas, by spending their Christmas building an old lady a home to live in. This is important to the future, because they showed the true meaning of Christmas to those who did not know or believe in the true meaning of Christmas.




Was Washington’s Program for Gaining Social Acceptance for Blacks an Elite Program?

Yes, I think that Booker Washington built a school to help all people (from all races and ages), gain an education. He did it mainly because he wanted his race to take their share of the enjoyment that the other races had enjoyed. He did not want his race to aspire to become more than just slaves; he wanted his race to be equal in capabilities, just like the other races. He really wanted all races to be equal in any and everything. Which came true some decades later.

Some Memorable Images from the Narrative and Why

One part of the book that is memorable is when Booker Washington  was a slave. It was when some of the wheat  fell off the cart, and he just waited until someone bigger and stronger than him, could help him put the wheat back on the cart. This is memorial to me because Booker Washington was willing to get his task done before he move on to something else. Another is when he was working for the salt mine, and he really wanted to be on time at the school so he changed the clock time, so that everyone could get off work, so that he could go to school earlier. This is memorial to me because it showed how eager he was to learn. Another memorial image is when his mother gave him his first hat. This is memorial to me because it showed that his mother wanted to stay out of debt, and it teaches me that staying out of debt can lead to many things that I can keep and enjoy.

One time he overheard some miners talk about a university. This is memorial because it showed how eager he was to continue his education. Another one would be when he picked up an axe and walked over to clear some trees on the newly bought farm. This scene showed that he was not afraid to do physical work and not just teach, and it taught me that we should not be afraid to do hard labor. Another memorial image would be, was when some of the older students that he taught would stop their studies to hold an umbrella over his head when it was raining, while the teacher was teaching. Here it showed that those students, who held up that umbrella when it was raining, showed that they were not selfish and also cared for the other student’s education. The one time he cleaned a classroom to get accepted into the university because he did not have enough money to pay for his schooling. This is memorial to me because it showed me that we can still get money through hard physical labor, if we do a good and proper job.

Another memorial image is when his future 2nd wife does all she can to help get out of debt when it came do. This is memorial to me because it showed that if you work long hard hours, your food and rest always become sweeter and more enjoyable after a hard long day’s work, and it showed how loyal she was to him. One of the things that really stood out to me is that back in those days after the slavery, the true meaning and spirit of Christmas was lost, and that only some of the people had some of the true meaning and spirit of Christmas. This is a memorial to me because it proves that Christmas is NOT ABOUT GETTING, IT IS ABOUT GIVING, and that Christmas is about our Savior’s (Jesus Christ) birth, not about getting drunk, having time off work, or about Santa.


Italic-‘the memorial parts’

Regular-‘the reason why it was memorial’

“Which three time-allocation changes could increase my productivity the most? And Why?”

  1. Money; Will not make you happy most of the time, but you may enjoy being rich (if you are) or having money. Because money is used to buy items/tools that make life easier and more comfortable.


  1. Plan; You need a plan in order to make money. You need a plan so that you know what your needs are, so that you can meet them.


  1. Act according to the Plan; if you had made a plan ‘then use it’. Otherwise you wasted time and energy to make something useless, like a plan that you will hardly ever use.

Farmers are most likely happier than those people who are in the Cities, because they have a plan that they use for their money. They spend most of their money on things that they need, and then on the things that they want. They have a plan, and they use that plan. They are acting according to the plan to use their money wisely. They are happier because they have more freedom than those who are in the Cities. They might live far from each other, but they are happier because they learn to work hard to earn their shelter, food, clothing, etc. Those who work wisely with they money, will learn the easy way to live their lives according to what they have.

Having lots of money or being rich does not make you happy; you just enjoy having lots of money or being rich, or you just enjoy the many opportunities and privileges of having lots of money. Money cannot buy happiness, but those who serve others are the most happiest in life.

I will sell my business when it makes a profit of [$??] a year, so that I can [??]

When I run my own business I might sell my business when I am old (in my late 80’s), and I hope by then it will be making a profit of $1.5+M a year. I will expand my business; upgrade my tools and equipment; and then retire if and when I feel like retiring. But otherwise I will most likely hand it over to my successor.

Until I am in retirement, I will be busy upgrading and expanding my business in different places, and coming up with new ideas to add into my business.  Once I have retired, I’d like spending time with my nieces, nephews and grandchildren (if I live to have any), and probably go on vacation with my wife (if she is alive and healthy at that time). I would also build and give away some things I will make when I live to being that old. I might build a small little business, just so that I would not be bored to death, and so that I would have enough money to live on, as well as a little extra to spend doing good activities with my grandchildren.

To sum up what I just said in the previous two paragraphs: When I am young, I would build and expand my business, and try to get $1.5+M profit a year; And when I am old I would retire and sell my business, and then I would spend the rest of my money as I choose.

Why do I think Plunkitt was so open about how he made his money?

I think that the reason why Plunkitt was so open about how he made his money is because that he did not want to seem as a foe (enemy) of the people, he wanted to be honest with the people, and the people to be honest with him. He wanted to be seen as a great leader, not a fraud. If someone asked him about how he did things, he would not only tell but he would also show what and how he did things. He was not afraid of anyone in his district, and no one was afraid of him, because they knew that he was a friend not a foe. He was open to the people because he cared about them.

If they ask for some help on something, he would do his best to help that person. If someone asked how he made his money, he would not only tell them how he did it, but he would also show how he did it. He helped all people, both young and old, in his district whenever he could, and at the best of his abilities. Through his observations, he knew beforehand which people would be without work. If a house (in his district) burnt down, he was usually the first person there to help and retrieve the new homeless family. Plunkitt really showed that he cared about the people in his district.

Plunkitt was a very caring person who loved the people. He possessed the qualities of a great leader.