What Booker Washington’s Thought of the Slave Trade

“What were Washington’s arguments against the slave system?”
Booker did not like or approve of the slave system, not only because he was born into slavery, but because he thought that every person deserves to have their freedom and rights. Freedom to choose whatever they want to do with their lives, whenever and wherever they want, but still obeying the laws of the place, and take the consequences of their decision. Like the analogy of the stick, “If you pick up one end of the stick, you pick up the other”. Choice is one end of the stick, and the Consequence(s) is the other end of the stick. Every person should have their own right to do whatever they want to do, having the freedom to pick and choose without it being forced on them.
A slave does not have complete true freedom, but they have rights that NO person can take away, rights that our God in heaven gave us when he created us human beings and that is our Agency. And Agency gives us the rights and freedom to choose to do whatever we want to do and still pay the consequences of life. For instance, if a master of a slave is about to get killed or injured when the slave(s) is nearby/present and alive, the slave(s) can either kill (if they are the attacker), save, assist, or let the murder kill the master with or without the master threatening to do harm. They had the right to decide to help the fate of their master, by acting or not.
If a slave was freed, they had the right and freedom to choose, if they wanted to go somewhere they choose to go or they could stay and work for them, or stay a slave and still work for the person unless the person refuses the person’s help. If and when a slave was asked to go and do an errand for someone, they could either: do it; do it and then run away; about to complete the errand but run away with or without the article before the errand is complete, or not do it at all.
These few examples that I had shared about that no one can completely take away your freedom and or rights are just a few of the many instances that no one really realizes. What people can take away are privileges, money or rewards, lives, belongings, etc., this is because they (the people in charge) have the will and power/authority to do so. We can choose to go against the government or not, but the governments is supposed to protect the liberty, property, freedom, rights, and the lives of people, (if they get what they ask for), justify the people who are doing wrong/ going against the law. Here are some questions for the government, “Why are you not protecting the innocent but the guilty?” “Why do you go against the citizens (sometimes)” “Why do you make illegal drugs and behavior, acceptable and lawful?”.


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