Hellen Keller

“Which were the key incidents that led her out of her ‘prison.”

Hellen was a very inelegant, famous ,blind and deaf person. She contracted a disease at 18 months old. The doctors back in the 1800’s knew very little about the disease that Hellen had, and they did not know what the outcome of it would be. Hellen was ill for a few weeks and when she recovered, she lost hear ability to hear and see. At the age of 8 years old, Anne Sullivan (who was a teacher for the blind) arrived at Hellen’s home. Although Hellen did not like Miss. Sullivan at first, over the years Miss.Sullivan became Hellen’s life teacher. Hellen describes her life (before her life long teacher Miss.Sullivan came), as a dark miserable, very mischief, evil place. But when Miss. Sullivan arrived, Hellen describes the joy and happiness and light that came into her world just because her teacher had the patience and love to teach her, and give her a life full of joy that Miss. Sullivan herself did not have when she was a child.


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