Kourdakov’s Use of Contrasts to Strengthen His Narrative

Mr. Kourdakov’s new deadly, highly paid, and fun job as a special secret police personnel has two sides: private and public. His job is to break up brawling bar fights, capture and torture murderers, wife beaters, and Believers. He and his band of men did not hear the truth about the Believers. So what he and his men got told about the Believers angered them, and they did it for fun just for the money. And one thing about their job is to do whatever they wanted to the Believers, as long as it is not known to the public. But they did not know this before they had beaten up some Believers, stripped some girls naked, and then drove the Believers to the police station, with some of his men running their hands all over the naked girl’s bodies.
In Mr. Kourdakov’s biography he is so descriptive; he describes every little detail so perfectly that I wish that I am that great of a writer (I am not Jealous). One of Kourdakov’s every well done description is on how badly this one female was beaten by one the thugs and a few days later by Kourdakov, and another time when one his men (the first one who had beaten her up) prevented that same female from getting a 3rd beating. And because of that one act from one of his men, he realized that Victor (the thug who had 1st beaten her) was right about that these people, or specifically this one female, had that they or any other Believer did not have. Courage!


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