A Turning Point in My Life

Before we moved here to Canada we were in South Africa. We lived pretty close to one of my mother’s sisters, who we nicknamed Aunty Picky. One time my cousins, siblings, and me were busy having a little assembly/ talent show in our back yard, which had a tree that looked like a giant Pineapple and a hedge along a fence. And in our little assembly, we had each person go up and do their little thing. and one of my cousins sang “I found a walnut”. This was a turning point in my life, because it was one of the only times a could remember seeing them and once my family and I came here we heard stories about them and about 7-8 years later we got a chance to see them again and that was on skype, and that they were the closest family that ever lived close to us (physically and mentally). And I miss them, because of the company they gave us.


5 thoughts on “A Turning Point in My Life

    1. Do you mean North America or South Africa. My younger brother was the only person in my family (not including extended) who was born in U.S.A (that is in North America). The rest of my family was born in South Africa. Just so you know me and my family are caucasian, not the african black (our skins are not black)

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      1. Oh dear, I miss read your post… I read that you lived in South America, whoops! I guess that whenever I read “South” I auto complete it to America.. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the clarification. It is really cool that you lived in South Africa though!

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        1. My parents can speak Afrikaans, while can i can understand and speak only a few words in Afrikaans. my parents stopped speaking their native tongue since the first time we had moved to the U.S.A, because someone asked them to (if they can) speak English. and you are welcome for the clarification, and i believe that it is correct not complete. and just so that you know i am also not good at using my words. (i have my mother, older sister, and my dad to check my essays before I post them)

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