The Reason Why I Should Have My Own Business

Some people say that we should be afraid, very afraid of the robots. Because they are taking our simple jobs away so that we (humans) have more time to do nothing and be idle. That is not good, that is extremely bad. I am not saying that robots are bad, and I am not saying that having robots help us do some of our job(s) is not good; I am saying that it is bad that robots do our job for us. Robots belong in factories that make cars, any electronic gadget, etc., not supermarkets. Robots are like programed slaves/ helpers. But if robots are teachers, that is really bad because, a human has many things that a robot that does not have; for example: we humans have feelings for ourselves and for others, we can understand other humans a lot better than robots can, etc.

Robots are only good for helping do complex and dangerous tasks, but not doing our jobs for us. Owners of business have two choices; 1. To have robots that cost a lot to do the work for them and their employees; or 2. To hire employees that can do a lot more things that a robot cannot do (hiring an employee that can do more than one job/ multi-talented), and get paid as much as a robot costs.


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